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Split Decision: Future Following Divorce


Recently I had the pleasure of attending a meet-up for divorced and separated people held at a new hip bar “Goldberg’s” in Cork. The meet-up is run by the “effervescent” Jan O’Connor. Jan has been separated for a couple of years and having tried a few online dating sites she came to the same conclusion many divorced and separated people do- these sites are often expensive, cold and impersonal!
Having done her research Jan happened upon the idea of creating a meet-up that would cater specifically to the needs of divorced & separated singles rather than singles in general.

Feeling a bit disingenuous as I am married I decided to have Jan tell the group why I was there. Admittedly, I felt odd at first as I pondered the many stories that led to the breakup of each marriage/ partnership. However, I soon realised this could be me or anyone for that matter! As the evening progressed I met an array of interesting, vibrant people (mainly women). The group is actively encouraging more men to attend but so far the male response has been slow to build. I guess for men it’s somewhat easier to transition from marital status to “single again” status as it is not unusual to see a single guy on his own in a bar having a drink no matter what age. The same however cannot be said for women. After several conversations it occurred to me that “single again”women regardless of finances, education or profession often find themselves bereft of friends to socialise with. This however doesn’t mean that men don’t feel the loss of friendship and companionship marriage provides, it’s just that they don’t seem to face the same social stigma whilst flying solo. Continue reading

Prisoner Returns To Jail To Avoid Arguing With His Wife


The idea of your day’s routine being identical to your previous day’s routine would be an anathema to this correspondent (likes the odd change in schedule).

Your correspondent though came across an interesting individual recently who thought differently towards his day’s routine and was quite happy for it to be the same as the previous day’s one.

It relates to a thirty-two year old Tunisian, Walid Chaabani, from Livorno in Italy who your correspondent read about in the Times newspaper. Continue reading

News in Brief-Ireland Honoured For Rude Place Names As Nuns Run Riot In Kerry

irelandfromspaceIreland has been honoured with inclusion on British Geo Technologists online list of ’vaguely rude place names’. Locations on the list include Muff in Donegal and Nobber in Meath. Gary Gale, a geo technologist aimed to combine the British love of innuendo with actual geography and has created the interactive map, charting places around the world with names that will cause titters. Continue reading

Irish Trio Combat Iona Institute Views On Gay Marriage

Over the Christmas holidays, my partner and I noticed a bit of buzz in our social media feeds about the video released by The Iona Institute and were curious to see what all the fuss was about. After watching the video, we were in utter disbelief. My partner and I are somewhat guilty of living in a bubble. A bubble of love and support from our family, friends and colleagues. In fact, many of them are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the big day.

Watching the video ‘The Case for Man/Woman Marriage’ certainly burst that bubble. Whatever way you sugar-coat a message like that, it’s still discrimination.  Why should our relationship be discounted due to the fact that it is a homosexual one? Why should our ability to raise a child be questioned?  We may be more or less prepared as any heterosexual couple to face the challenges of raising a child; our parenting skills should not be determined by our sexual orientation.

The Iona Institute claim that every child wants a loving Mum and Dad, we believe that the family unit regardless of what form it takes is what a child wants.  Family to us is about providing love and security to our children. We should have the right to be a family, a family with equal rights and protection.

In reality, there are a number of children being raised by same sex parents, unmarried parents and other such family units that do not fit the Iona mould.  The message portrayed by the Iona Ad alienates those children. For the sake of those children and those in loving committed relationships, we needed to send a message of tolerance and equality.

We decided to write a response to their Ad. We wanted to open the forum for discussion and to highlight the issues we had and to make the message more inclusive. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and support that we have received. And for now, our hope for a change in attitudes and acceptance has been restored. A big thank you from Sinead, Rupert and I.

Linda Walsh