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Literary Parks In Dublin: Writers And Walks Galore


A leaflet that I picked up somewhere inspired the topic of this ‘out and about’ in Dublin post. I think I might have mentioned before that I tend to be a bit of a magpie where leaflets and brochures are concerned. Being on an email list is just not the same; the random quality of picking up stray information leaflets appeals to me more.

To return to the leaflet in question: produced by Dublin City Council and Dublin UNESCO, it highlights city parks with a literary connection. Now assuming that the wind and rain ever stop, this would be a great idea for strolling around on a weekend. A couple of the parks have obvious literary glitz (I will come back to those) but I did not realise that Sandymount Green had a W.B. Yeats connection. I used to go to Sandymount quite often a few years ago but obviously failed to spot the memorial bust erected in the park. Yeats was born at 5 Sandymount Avenue hence the sculpture in the green. Perhaps there is a house plaque too; I must check that out as well next time. Sandymount Village is a lively and attractive location to visit and is handy for a beach walk too so this could be a more strenuous literary pilgrimage than most. Continue reading

Shakespeare In The City: Much Ado About Will

Monday saw the beginning of the Fifth Trinity College Dublin Shakespeare Festival, which runs until Saturday 8th at various venues around the city centre. The programme boasts proudly that ‘all the city’s a stage’ for this week in June. Over 200 performances are scheduled to take place including out-reach events in participating primary schools. Indeed, there is so much bardic activity this week, that you would need to make a real effort to avoid falling over someone in tights giving a speech. Purely in the interests of research of course, I have been venturing out and about with my trusty companions to brush up my Shakespeare. Continue reading