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Irish Basketball Weekly Round Up


There was a big coup for Basketball Ireland during the week as they managed to secure live radio coverage for the draw for the semi finals of the National Cup. The draw is set to take place on RTE Radio 1 at 3pm on Saturday, 14th of December. The Saturday Sports Show attracts thousands of listeners every Saturday and is sure to add to the excitement of what is Basketball’s major competition.

A producer on the programme Robbie Irwin had this to say upon the announcement. “We are delighted to enhance the promotion of the National Cup by including the live draw in our programme. RTE Radio has covered the various stages of the competition for many years and this is a natural extension to that coverage.” Continue reading

Irish Basketball Weekend Review


The second legs in the Men’s National Cup ties proved to be even more exhilarating than first expected. A routine exercise was predicted to be carried out by UCC Demons when they made the trip to Dublin to take on the winless UCD Marian. However the small crowd that showed up for this one were in for a treat. Demons led by 29 points heading into the game having made full use of having home court advantage for the first leg last weekend.

Despite this massive lead it soon became clear that Marian were not about to just lie down and get beaten as the half time score read 63-39 which meant that it was truly game on, much to the dismay of anyone associated with Demons who clearly had hoped for an easy run out on this Saturday evening. With 4 seconds on the clock it looked like Barry Drumm’s 28 point performance had allowed Marian to complete one of the most sensational turn arounds in National Cup history. Continue reading

Irish Basketball Season Enjoys Thrilling Opening Weekend


The newly named Premier Division got off to a flying start this past weekend. There was two games for woman’s basketball fans to take in on Saturday as UL Huskies travelled to the capital and came away with a win (75-57) with James Weldon securing a victory over his DCU Mercy counterpart Mark Ingle. Top scorers for the Huskies were Rachel Clancy and Great Britain international Rachel Vanderwal who had 19 and 18 points respectively.

In the other game on Saturday which also took place in Dublin, Killester suffered a 13 point defeat to Brunell (67-54). The away side had Menendez to thank as she carried much of the scoring load for her side finishing with a game high 20 points in the process. Continue reading

New Irish Basketball Season Launched


The 2013/2014 season was launched last week in the National Basketball Arena. The AerTV cameras were also present to capture the action as the National Cup draws also took place.

Templeogue are preparing to enter the top league of Irish basketball for the first time. U18 Irish international point guard Sean Flood was in the Arena and spoke to about how big of a step up the Premier Division is going to be for everyone in the club. Continue reading

News in Brief-Benedict Packs It In As Meteor Shower Strikes Russia

russiaWe’re all still talking about horses this week as it seems equine DNA is turning up in everything from lasagne to the Vatican where even the Pope has been taken off the shelf. Old Benedict has decided it’s time to stop tuning in to the big fella upstairs, he’s had enough of his rubbish horse meat jokes. Continue reading

News in Brief-Meteors Adorn Irish Sky As Jedward’s Long Lost Triplet Emerges

Instead of meteors the entire night, try, we watched meteors the entire night. On Saturday, the Earth will move into the path of debris left behind by Comet Thatcher (the same Thatcher debris England has been left in?). The meteor shower should be clearest from Saturday night through to Sunday morning when we may be able to see meteors every three minutes.
Astronomy Ireland are encouraging people to go outside to look for the meteors but representative David Moore has warned large pieces of the debris can enter the atmosphere flaring up like “fireballs – these can often land on the ground!”
This must be where the third Jedward came from. A third Jedward! Jevin? Kedjward? Who knows and who knew? The third Grimes is a twenty-one year old law student who donned appropriate matching attire to attend the American Pie reunion premier in Dublin this week. Is this the final frontier? How many more Grimes brothers may emerge from the Jedward dream world or in fact space?
Back in Ireland we can only hope the suggestion of a new water tax is a joke. After the complete failure of the household tax, it’s not clear who exactly the Dáil think will pay an added four hundred euro for the privilege of a water tap. Communal taxing doesn’t sit well with most as a desperate attempt to recoup money spent by so few.
The Dáil have also announced plans to install oxygen meters into homes as part of the air-tax. The meters will be installed for free! Now that is a joke.
People in Cork are to get a bite of the giant Apple, the technology company – rather than a ‘James and the Giant’ type situation – Apple will create 500 jobs over the next eighteen months as their base in Cork expands.
The Holyhill branch was the first Apple base to open outside the US back in the 1980s before production was outsourced. Now it seems Cork will have another piece of the Apple pie.
Michael Collins’ cotton wool – used to clean his face after he had been killed – has been withdrawn from auction after outcry from Collins’ descendants and anyone that found the idea (dead man germs) frankly disgusting. The current owner has now presumably been forced into a cave till they have recovered from their embarrassment at trying to make a profit from such an item. 
The owner claims they had previously sort a home for the `artefact` in numerous museums but unsurprisingly none of them wanted the swab. They had then tried to sell it, the owner justified, to guarantee it went to an `interested party`. A lock of his hair (even more dead man germs?) Has now also been recalled from sale and will go to the National Museum. One can only hope replicas will not be sold in the gift shop, what ever happened to novelty pencils?