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News in Brief-Daly Kicks Up A Storm As Obama-Mania Takes Over

Clare-DalyThe O’Bamas were here this week enjoying a trip to Glendalough and a portion of chips with Bono. Hasn’t all been Guinness and skittles though. Clare Daly’s been a bit mean about the Presidential family visit and the G8. Daly asked: “Is the US President seeking hypocrite of the century award?” Er, pot, kettle Clare, before branding him “Mr War Criminal” not the most original nickname. Continue reading

Obama Arrives in Ireland


US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have touched down in Ireland for their first state visit, which will last 24 hours.

They waved as they left Air Force One at Dublin Airport and then walked to their waiting helicopter after been greeted by Irish Tànaiste Eamon Gilmore and US Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney.

The couple then flew to Aràs an Uachtarain where they met with President Mary McAleese and Taoiseach Enda Kenny.The US president helped plant a tree in the grounds of Aras about 50ft from a sequoia planted in 1963 by President John F Kennedy.

Mr Obama will give a speech at College Green in Dublin tonight, speaking to thousands at the same location where President Bill Clinton wooed onlookers in 1995. Westlife, Jedward and Sharon Shannon are just some of the names who are lined up  to play for the President at the rally.

The US leader will also make a trip to his ancestral home of Moneygall in County Offaly.

Mr Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather Falmouth Kearney, a shoemaker, was born there in 1831 before emigrating to America in 1850.

Locals in the midlands have been widely anticipating the visit of the President and The First Lady, where Obama`s eight cousin Henry Healy will come face to face with his long distant relative.

 He said: “We’ve all been caught up in this dream. Nothing in the village seems really.

“I’ve been rehearsing what I’m going to say to the president for months in my head. I can’t really believe it’s going to happen.”

The Obama`s will also visit The UK, France and Poland on their European trip.