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News In Brief – Reilly Plans Free GP Care As Hotel Cancels Beauty Pageant


Remember last week when Bob Geldof was off to space? If only every week was like that the world would be a happier place*. Instead we’ve got protestors and pageants.

What’s the difference between a blobfish (last week’s winner of World’s Ugliest Animal) and the Minister for Health? One understands the intricacies of government spending and the healthcare needs of the country, the other doesn’t. NIB will let you come to your own conclusion which is which . . . James Reilly meanwhile has told Sean O’Rourke on RTE how he plans to bring in free GP care for all Irish citizens and more freebies for kids! Hurrah! But how Mr Reilly? We haven’t got any cash. Ah. Well, it might be slightly ’ambitious’ he told Sean, but sure feck it anyway, it’ll be a bit of craic. Continue reading

Minister Disappointed After Plans For Children`s Hospital Rejected

The Minister for Health has expressed his disappointment after An Bord Pleanála turned down planning permission for the proposed National Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

Dr James Reilly said the decision, which was reached after a majority verdict of three to one, will delay the provision of the best health services for children at a time when they need it most.

Reilly said the Government remains committed to the project and will study the decision urgently. He mentioned the possibility of a legal challenge from the government but accepted it is too early to think of such action.

Construction of the €650m hospital was due to be completed by 2016 and it would have been the biggest building project in the State.

An Bord Pleanála said the development would result in “a dominant, visually incongruous structure and would have a profound negative impact on the appearance and visual amenity of the city skyline”.

The board said the development would be inconsistent with and adversely affect the existing scale and character of the historic city.