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News in Brief – Ireland Falls To A New Kind Of Criminal


Enda’s been away on a mission before the taste of Turkey has barely left our lips. Good old Enda, what would we do without him? Well, actually while he’s been away the Limerick City of Culture Committee has crumbled further. CEO Patricia Ryan has now resigned from her 18 month, €120,000 salary job. NIB said didn’t we?! We said last week it was going to get silly and it has.

Not only has Ryan been resigned to giving up the job (and its accompanying cash) now there are allegations of phone hacking as someone let slip of her departure on a blog an hour before she made an official statement. It’s hardly whistleblowing on an Edward Snowden scale. Talking to RTE Radio 1 an artist involved described the whole thing as ‘like a big game’ before painstakingly going through each play; ‘the players have come out on the pitch . . . there’s been an upset . . . the whistle goes’ yeah we get the idea. It’s a game, Monopoly, the Limerick version. Continue reading

News in Brief-Ming Compares Himself To Branson As Sinead Reveals Drugged Up Oasis Frontman Proposed To Her

sineadandnoelWhat do British politician Mo Mowlam, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton have in common? Ming Flanagan apparently. According to the controversial TD himself who made the comparison in yet another call for the decriminalisation of drugs in Ireland, also admitting to having used class A narcotics in the past. Ming, representative for the Roscommon/South Leitrim area, has claimed it is unlikely other members of the Dail won’t have dabbled with drugs in the past and has suggested all TD’s take a lie detector test to prove their hypocrisy. Lucy will be in the sky with diamonds before that happens. Continue reading

News in Brief-Horan Most Popular Irish Celeb Online As Terrible Twins Hit 21

Apparently we’re due an Indian summer (HA!) and with a resurgence of good weather (HA! HA!) it seems the season is open to silliness again.

A housing estate in Co Donegal should be demolished according to its residents. The reason? It was built on a bog. The wise man did not build his house on the bog, and neither should these builders. Within a year the entire 15-house estate, Radharc An Seascan at Meenmore, had sunk. Now, residents say the houses are completely uninhabitable and should be demolished. Whilst insurance company Aviva are covering €2 million of the cost as representatives for the architect/engineers it may not be enough to repay those that invested in the aptly titled “Titanic Site”. The case is due to be reopened and the judge expected to reserve his decision.

How do you measure success? Money? Property? A lasting legacy? No, Twitter followers. Niall Horan (of One Direction fame) has surpassed the “follower” count of Westlife and Boyzone combined with a total of 7 million people avidly watching and waiting for his 140 character insights. Making the eighteen-year old from Mullingar the most popular Irish celebrity online. This figure pales in comparison to the 33 million One Direction fans world-wide, imaginatively nicknamed ‘Onedirectioners’.

In other celeb news . . . . Jedward are back! Thank. God. The terrible two-some were out on the town to celebrate turning twenty-one this week. They chose to skip Las Vegas and instead celebrated at 37 Dawson Street in the city with friends, family and tour dancers. The party was organised by their mum. Awww.

Hurrah! Hospital waiting lists are down by 16%! Now there are only around 50,000 people awaiting procedures.

Bloody cows. Not only do they stand around in fields all day smelling and looking suspicious but now they’ve only gone and produced too much milk! But it’s not the cows that will face the consequences. Produces now face a levy of €16 million for the over flow of almost 1% of Ireland’s quota.
Cork now has its own Monopoly board. The perennially popular board game, that allows players to finance their own property empire will now feature 22 of Cork’s most notable landmarks and locations as voted for by locals. Set for release today, it promises HOURS of fun for Christmas as we all get to have a go at being Michael Noonan.