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Film Review: Stories We Tell

Scene from Stories We Tell. Courtesy of 2011 National Film Board of Canada, Ken Woroner.

There’s a moment in Stories We Tell when Michael Polley, the paternal linchpin of the film, talks about the flies that infiltrate his apartment and provide his daily company. “They look for food, they look for a mate; they never ask why.” Michael’s musings are full of wistful warmth, but his admiration for those unselfconscious flies touches the tender spot of this documentary.

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Before Midnight

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In Before Sunrise (1995) Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) fell in love during a brief, romantic encounter while wandering the beautiful city of Vienna. In Before Sunset (2004) Paris was the city of their rekindled romance, a flight was missed, and an unspoken promise was made.

Now, in Before Midnight,  Jesse and Celine are living with the consequences these promises left them with, the good and the bad. They have settled down as an unmarried couple in Paris, their two blond, curly haired twins keeping them busy. On a family trip to the Peloponnese in southern Greece, Jesse, now an established novelist, pitches ideas to his friends while environmental activist Celine contemplates a career change. Continue reading

Pilgrim Hill

“Plenty of people are on to the emptiness, but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness.”

So speaks John Givings, the lucid schizophrenic of Revolutionary Road. Jimmy, the farmer we encounter in Pilgrim Hill, would meet with John’s approval. As the forlorn hero of the piece, he shows real guts. Jimmy doesn’t speak like a hero, he doesn’t act like a hero, he doesn’t undergo a heroic transformation of character. But he does face the reality of his existence like a hero, seeing the hopelessness around him with perfect clarity, and it is this brave acceptance of his situation that renders him painfully sympathetic. Continue reading