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Culture Night Dublin: Why Not Venture Off The Beaten Track?


As tomorrow’s Culture Night (the eight one) comes rapidly nearer, I’m finding myself no nearer to deciding what to do on the biggest night of the Irish Cultural Calendar. My brochure has more squiggles than ticks in it (that translates as more possible items than definite ones). The great thing about Culture Night is that it gives you an opportunity to visit some places that you either might never have got around to seeing or that aren’t normally open to the public. The big venues will always attract visitors on these occasions; queues to enter Freemans’ Hall or Dublinia are usually horrendously long. Maybe this Culture Night you should give the main players a miss and branch off to one of the smaller galleries or cultural spaces. There’s a huge number of arts venues open, such as The Factory, New Art Studio or Tamp and Stitch to name but a few. Or you could choose to visit one of the more unusual venues open on this cultural evening such as Melt Apothecary Ltd where you may sample herbal teas and receive a Chinese pulse diagnosis. Continue reading