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News in Brief- Irish Emigrants Blamed For STD Influx In NZ

irishAlan Shatter is in trouble this week for apparently offending ‘old’ prostitutes. Honestly, the man has experienced anti-semitic hatred and cruel personal jibes recently and then he goes and calls prostitutes working in Ireland ‘old’. Actually, the story is not quite as clear-cut as tabloid headlines would have us believe, SHOCK and AWE. He wasn’t calling all prostitutes old, just some.

Our international reputation isn’t doing so well either after an article in the New York Times has caused uproar, depicting life in post-Tiger Ireland. According to the piece produced by Liz Alderman, there’s a man in Shankill in Dublin who shoots and BBQ’s pigeons to survive. The story has met widespread disapproval from locals and councillors of Shankill alike; Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O’Connor said she rejects the description of the town and the main subject of the article, who used to own boats and a five-bedroom house and now resorts to pigeon shooting on the street to survive. NIB isn’t sure, perhaps Shankill is the social equivalent of Mordor, I mean American’s don’t normally exaggerate do they? Continue reading

Wrestling Icon Set To Woo Cork With Comedy Show

Former WWE Champion Mick Foley is taking a step out of the squared circle to visit Ireland with his very own stand up comedy show.

The hardcore legend and New York Times has endeared himself to millions worldwide for his in ring antics but  now he will embrace Cork`s Cyprus Avenue with his very own comedy show on November 3rd.

 Foley, who has appeared under the ring names of Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack, has exchanged the world of blood, sweat and tears for the world of stories, banter and punch-lines. Universally acclaimed as one of the most entertaining talkers in professional wrestling, Mick has decided to unleash his verbal talents on the world of stand-up comedy. With his unique sense of humour and understated charm he’s sure to enthrall fans old and new from behind the microphone.

Mick made his debut as a stand-up comic in 2009 at the world famous Improv in Los Angeles, California. Since then he’s shared his life with audiences across the length and breadth of America. Now the Long Island native is set to take Ireland by storm.
As a professional wrestler, Mick Foley has a resume that is almost unparalleled in the industry. Since his debut in 1985 the hardcore icon has worked alongside the biggest names in the wrestling industry such as Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and  “The Rock”.

The former king of hardcore is renowned for his dramatic, shocking and beyond believable matches. His infamous 1998 “Hell In A Cell” bout with WWE icon The Undertaker is one of the most watched and discussed contests of all time. His ability to shift between a light-hearted hilarity to a cold ruthless charachter has made Mick one of the most fascinating and unique characters in wrestling.
Mick’s track record outside the ring is impressive enough in its own right. His autobiography, “Have A Nice Day: A Tale Of Blood & Sweatsocks”, shot to the top of the New York Times best-seller list upon its release in 1999. Hugely successful and critically acclaimed, it appealed to wrestling-fans and non wrestling-fans alike.
With such a wealth of personal experience to draw upon, Mick Foley’s first ever Irish stand up tour is sure to be hilarious and captivating in equal measure. The 46 year old is looking forward to his first ever non wrestling visit to Ireland.

“I am enormously excited and relieved about my upcoming comedy tour. Excited about the prospect of telling stories, hearing laughter and fielding questions from some of my most loyal and dedicated fans. Relieved that I finally have a real answer to the one of the two questions I’m most frequently asked: when are you coming back to Ireland? As far as that other question, about returning to WWE, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Standard Price €19 inlc. Booking Fee

VIP Price €26.50 incl. Booking Fee (This includes the show + 8×10 signed photo, meet & greet, photo op & signing of 1 additional item