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Scotland’s Independence Referendum Heats Up Ahead Of Polling Day


Getting off the train at Glasgow’s Queen Street station and stepping out into George Square, it’s hard not to get swept up in the feverish excitement that is gripping the city. Yes badges seem to adorn almost every passer by. A giant banner reads ‘Bristol Greens: England says vote Yes for a fairer society.’ A band plays an open show on Buchanan Street, with saltires and Yes billboards lining the makeshift stage.

This is in stark contrast to Edinburgh, just yesterday (Saturday), when the Orange Order marched ‘to save the union’, in their biggest showing in Scotland in over fifty years. The controversial march – many on the Better Together side were well aware of the counter-productivity of a march by a group largely eschewed by most branches of Scottish civil society – was reported on positively by The Guardian as ‘a visceral show of strength for the union’ that passed by ‘largely without incident’. Continue reading

The Kings Of Summer


For many summer means freedom: freedom from school, jobs, clothes and responsibilities. But summer also means change; the seasons slip from one into the next and nothing stays the same.

Joe (Nick Robinson) longs for his freedom so he decides to leave home and build his own house in the middle of the woods. Not wanting to begin the adventure on his own he asks his best friend Patrick (Gabriel Basso) to join him. Strange ‘tag-a-long’ Biaggio (Moises Arias) shows up to complete the group and adds a touch of the bizarre into the mix. Continue reading