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Taxi Drivers Hit The Bottle

A well placed source within the National Taxi Driver`s union has stressed the need for a total reform of the industry after admitting many driver`s who are financially unsecure are being forced into a life of drugs, alcohol and suicide.

 The official, who wished to remain nameless , spoke out against the former Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey and his lack of effort to secure the livelihood of all Irish taxi driver`s especially those in Dublin, where there are approximately 40,000 workers trying to earn a living.

 “It`s crazy out there. The taxi industry has really gone to the dogs and the future is bleak. Many drivers are working up to 15 hours a day and have little or nothing to show for it. The new Minister (Leo Vardkar) really needs to tackle this issue across the country as its getting worse by the day. Many drivers are worried about what the future holds for them”.

 He added that the issue of double jobbing should be addressed without any further delay. ” It really is a joke , that so many people in this country can fail to hold down one job at the minute yet there are plenty of  people using taxi`s for a secondary income”.

 Speaking about his colleagues, the official who has been a taxi driver for 15 years said that a lot of drivers were falling prey to depression .” A lot of the drivers are spending a long time away from home and are desperately trying to rub two pennies together. Been unable to provide for their family causes psychological problems for them. The whole country has unfortunately been aware of the recent suicides in the industry but this is not the only problem. Many drivers have resorted to excessive drinking at home and there have been some found to be taking drugs . Dempsey needed to reform the business and stop playing with peoples lives, he didn’t but hopefully Varadkar will”.

 John Crotty is a taxi driver based in Ballyfermot, Co .Dublin and he further backed up the official`s claims. “From my own experiences it really is beyond difficult out there. So many taxi drivers are broke and have had their homes repossessed, yet it seems nothing has been done to curb this issue. The industry is in sharp decline and unless the authorities act more and more people`s livelihoods will suffer drastically”.


The Cabinet Crumbles

Noel Dempsey, Dermot Ahern and Tony Killeen have joined Mary Harney in resigning from Cabinet.

A spokesman for the Taoiseach confirmed that he had received letters of resignation from the three.

The ministers had already announced that they are not to contest the general election.

Their letters are to be forwarded to the President who will formally accept the resignations.

Their resignations bring the number of vacancies in the Cabinet to five, after Taoiseach Brian Cowen pulled the plug on MichaelMartin`s tenure as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Minister for Health Harney was first elected to the dàil in 1981 and served as Tànaiste under Bertie Ahern. She later became Minister for Health but during her time in this position she was far from popular, as overcrowded hospitals and inadequate services saw the public vent their fury.

Many have welcomed her decision to step aside as the Irish healthcare system is in need of an urgent revamp. However even with her resignation she has made many people furious. Many believe that she has resigned as she will get more money from her pension than if she stood for re-election. She leaves with a golden handshake of 310,000.