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New Over 18’s Wrestling Promotion To Launch Next Month


Prepare to lose control as the promoters behind Main Stage Wrestling launch a brand new product and unleash Over The Top Wrestling. Ireland’s first and only exclusively over 18’s American wrestling company. Over The Top Wrestling is a completely new brand of wrestling promotion. The theme of these events are set inside of a theatrical, twisted circus sideshow setting, combining the latest special effects, with inspiration from classic horror films, classic lucha libre, and American hardcore wrestling. Featuring over the top characters and the very best performers wrestling has to offer. There will also be special drinks promotions at every event, and OTTW can guarantee you an action packed night of entertainment.

Management are excited to announce that they have just signed a residency deal with the Tivoli theatre venue, situated on Francis Street in the heart of Dublin’s south city centre. This means Over The Top Wrestling will be a permanently exclusive addition to the venue and you can catch them live on one Saturday of every month. With such a high class venue we can guarantee you the best production values possible. Continue reading

News in Brief-Ming Compares Himself To Branson As Sinead Reveals Drugged Up Oasis Frontman Proposed To Her

sineadandnoelWhat do British politician Mo Mowlam, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton have in common? Ming Flanagan apparently. According to the controversial TD himself who made the comparison in yet another call for the decriminalisation of drugs in Ireland, also admitting to having used class A narcotics in the past. Ming, representative for the Roscommon/South Leitrim area, has claimed it is unlikely other members of the Dail won’t have dabbled with drugs in the past and has suggested all TD’s take a lie detector test to prove their hypocrisy. Lucy will be in the sky with diamonds before that happens. Continue reading

Low Cost Retailers Leading The Way

For anyone who struggles to find clothes to fit their body shape, it is easy to appreciate the importance of a low priced high street retailer introducing their particular size.  But whilst retailers bringing out a range of clothes for plus size women gets huge exposure, it is rarely highlighted when a range of clothes to fit smaller women is introduced.  This may be in part due to an under-appreciation of the difficulty buying clothes presents when you don’t quite fit into a size 8.  Or it may be that society doesn’t feel sympathy for women who struggle with their weight, when it is a struggle to put on weight that is the problem.

Regardless of the reasoning, it is great to see that Penney’s in Ireland have now launched a core set of items in a size 6.  As a leading retailer in Ireland, offering fashions to suit the modest budget, the significance of this for smaller women is huge.  To date, Dunnes Stores, another leading Irish retailer in the same bracket, has failed to supply clothes to fit the more meagre figured women, but perhaps this move by Penney’s might spur them to follow suit.

Whilst UK retailers do cater better to this market, with Topshop, Miss Selfridges and River Island all stocking clothes in a size 6, they still have a way to go to fully recognise the need of smaller women.  Evans, for example, is a chain of stores stocking clothes aimed solely at the fuller figured woman.  No similar store for petite women exists to date.  And some retailers fail to cater to this market whatsoever.  Oasis and Monsoon, for example, are slow on the uptake and leave a lot to be desired when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our petite population.

When it comes to maternity clothes for petite women, the market almost completely fails to cater to their needs whatsoever.  There are many women who maintain their same dress size when expecting a baby, and merely have the baby bump, but retailers fail to acknowledge this, stocking maternity clothes in sizes 8 – 16 and upwards only.  So for the nine months of pregnancy, petite women are forced to buy maternity clothes in need of alteration, or choose normal clothes in a bigger size than they would normally choose.  But the latter option will result in a poor fit around other body parts, and also, in dresses that are shorter at the front than they should be.

So, well done to Penney’s for finally coming up with an exciting new addition to their range and here’s hoping that other retailers will take heed of Penney’s lead and follow suit soon.  There is a niche market of women out there who are waiting with bated breath for further advancements in this area.