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News in Brief – Storms Hit Hard As Gun Law Repealed


So NIB is back after prolonged Christmas hols and what’s been happening around the country?

We’re all underwater as storms continue to wreak havoc like the last guest at your New Year’s Eve party, who wasn’t invited anyway and then turned up with friends in tow and ate the entire prawn ring, but anyway. According to those in the know, jobs are looking up, crime stats are down and soon North and South might be getting along. Continue reading

Seeing Red

Yes folks it’s that time of the year again, when the colour red blooms garishly from every shop front be it in the form of flowers, cardboard hearts, balloons…. and when it seems every second radio ad has variations on the ‘lurve’ theme. What is it about the 14th of February that causes right thinking sane adults to go Valentine’s crazy? Spending vast amounts of already scarce disposable (and sometimes indispensable) income on cheesy tat and sending levels of expectation skyward even in the case of the non-romantic among us (Who hasn’t anxiously awaited the arrival of the postman on this of all days at some point during our lives?)
Could it be the history of the origin of Valentine’s Day? The most common theory being what took place during the reign of Claudius II, in 270 AD Rome. The Emperor banned men from marrying during wartime because he believed single men made better soldiers. Bishop Valentine rallied against these wishes by performing wedding ceremonies in secret. For this, Valentine was imprisoned and then executed by order of the Emperor on February 14. Whilst in jail, he wrote a love note to the jailor’s daughter signing it, “From your Valentine.” A Hallmark Holiday is born!
Or could it be the lure of the perennial favourite – chocolate? Chocolate can act as an aphrodisiac; apparently Casanova ate chocolate to make him virile. But more importantly as the majority of women will tell you chocolate makes us feel good; it affects the serotonin in our brains making us feel for all intents and purposes happy. Interestingly over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day in the U.S, the country with the highest levels of obesity in the western world. They don’t sound very happy do they? Maybe it’s a chicken and egg situation, which came first the obesity, or the chocolate to numb the pain of being fat?
In a nutshell it’s about not feeling left out, who can forget the crushing humiliation as it dawns on the teenaged you that yet again you’re the one person in your group of friends who hasn’t received a much coveted stuffed toy (usually a bear holding a heart) from the guy/girl you occasionally end up kissing at the end of the night in the local disco. Those feelings of mortification and embarrassment are tattooed on our poor young hearts so that even now we strive to make sure we’re not the ones left out this time, oh no. We buy gigantic cards (bigger means better naturellement), underwear, and in the case of a former colleague of mine send a balloon bouquet to a husband’s workplace all in the vain attempt to ensure that we won’t be left out, we won’t be forgotten, we’ll get something even better back-right??
I’ll leave you with this last fact, 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!