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The Globalisation Of The NBA


Brooklyn Nets kicked off the first global game of 2014 with a resounding 127-110 win over the Atlanta Hawks at London’s 02 Arena last Thursday.

Over the past 35 years the NBA have played 147 games globally, visiting 20 different countries including China, Germany, Italy and Russia amongst others.

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Dublin To Play Host to Euthanasia Workshop


Dr Philip Nitschke, Founder & Director, Exit International.

A workshop on voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide will be held in Dublin this weekend, led by the Australian doctor, Dr Philip Nitschke, also known in some circles as Dr Death. The workshop will take place this Saturday at Liberty Hall in the capital city.

The workshop is part of a world series by Exit International, the pro-euthanasia group of which Dr Nitschke is a director, and has and will be visiting Europe, the US and Australia between now and the end of the year. Formed in 1997, Exit International exists to provide information and act as an advocacy group on the subject of voluntary euthanasia and workshops offered by the organisation discuss a wide range of topics, including prescription/non-prescription drugs, poisons, suicide notes and autopsies, and only cater to those over the age of 50, or people who are seriously ill.

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