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News In Brief: Varadkar Says Cups Are Ok As Dempsey Springs To The Rescue

Don't be a mug while your driving! (image:

Don’t be a mug while your driving! (image:

Musician Damien Dempsey has cemented his place in Wexford’s own Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of fame after rescuing two ailing swimmers in the River Slaney, before drying himself off and carrying on to his scheduled gig. What a man. He didn’t even mention it afterwards. According to reports he swam him, towed the swimmers back to safety, got out, picked up his shoes and walked off into the sunset. Honest to God. Dempsey for president!

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News in Brief: #Axethetax Among Top Headlines This Week

Meetings and protests explode across the country, #axethetax has taken off on twitter, poetic posters have been stuck to Dublin phone boxes – Stick your 100 euro charge up your arse – said one.

Phil Hogan has assured the public that non-payment of the household charge will not result in jail time. The punishment may only stretch as far as a ten euro surplus charge. 

Whilst RTE has been unable to issue similar to assurances to their top earning presenters who are set to face significant pay cuts. The broadcaster is attempting to offset a twenty million euro operating deficit by reducing presenters pay by up to thirty percent and closing its London office. A voluntary redundancy scheme has also been put in place. 

While The Irish Times runs a real time stream of household charge developments, an elephant ran amuck in Kerry. Sadly only one of these stories was illustrated by an image of Mick Wallace, independent TD for Wexford. 

Jedward were also running, recently completing a marathon with apparently no prior training. Gratefully the Grimes brothers are now back in Dublin, (we’ve missed them haven’t we?) no doubt for a spot on the Late Late. 

Or perhaps Tallafornia? The show’s producers have been inundated with applicants since announcing the launch of the second series of this ‘repulsive and compulsive viewing’. The new episodes will see the cast relocated to live communally in a villa, somewhere hot, sunny and far away where they will presumably be left. 

Jane McEvoy knows about communal living in the current series of The Apprentice. The only Irish contestant this year Jane has a lot to prove after the success of Jedi Jim Eastwood in the last series. Currently in business with Centra (featuring in their ad campaign with husband Gary) she’s so far proved a powerful opponent managing to evade the sack last week. We will have to keep watching to see how far she gets.

 The watching of the household charge, however will come to a close at midnight tonight, when we will find out exactly how many have registered and what will befall those who have not.