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News In Brief: Shannon, Sexism And Serious Amounts Of drugs

A whole hape of coke (image:

A whole hape of coke (image:

It’s been a grand aul week for the ploughing! Enda was there of course, making a show of himself at the annual championships – this year in Laois, but that wasn’t the only reason Irish farmers have been upset this week.

They’re not impressed with Rosanna Davison, daughter of a lady in red and Chris de Burgh, after she told readers of the Irish Independent’s Health and Living magazine that dairy products are bad for you. The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association reacted accordingly calling her article “ill-advised and scientifically illiterate”. Zing! You can’t argue with science Rosanna, especially when you’re looking down the barrel of a big burger and a pint of milk! Mmm. Continue reading

VHI Monopoly To Be Broken As Cork Nudists Seek Record Breaking Status

VHI may not hold the monopoly on health care for much longer but they’ve definitely passed go and collected €200 a few times. The company have just employed the services of Jim Tolan, their own former Chief Exec, who resigned following clashes with Health Minister (and all round good guy – or not) James Reilly.

Mr Tolan who worked at VHI for three years, leaving with a reported pay package of €525,000 then took up a job with PricewaterhouseCoopers. One job is not enough for Jim though who will also be working at VHI for one day a week in an ’advisory’ role for a whopping €100,000 plus VAT. I could certainly give them some advice but they might not like it.
It may have been the coldest and wettest July on record (it’s official!) but that hasn’t stopped the people of Cork getting their kit off. In fact such was the enthusiasm for their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for body painting the cities shops have run out of thongs.

Rules state that in an attempt to usurp the title from America where it is currently held at 264 painted bodies, those taking part must remove all clothing except underwear before they are covered in body paint. For the 600 participants taking part in Cork this resulted in panic buying of thongs until the only remaining stockist was adult shop Utopia.

If that wasn’t enough nudity for you the Cork World Naked Bike Ride took place in the afternoon. All Irish mammies and Priests were warned to lock their doors and draw their curtains.
An 140kg Bluefin Tuna has been caught off the coast of Kerry. The giant game fish is over two metres long and would provide more than enough sandwiches for the whole Ploughing championships.

I imagine the catch was a lot like Jaws with fish and fishermen writhing around in equal ardour till finally man over-came beast and returned to tell the tale, “don’t go into the water . . . and take a tin of sweetcorn.”

Due to EU regulations and the increasing rarity of the Atlantic Blue fin Irish tuna farmers are only entitled to a 1% catch in their hauls, anything else would have to be thrown back. Luckily this tuna will escape that fate and will instead feed the fish lovers of Kerry. Sushi Irish style, California rolls in a bread roll, I can see it taking off.
Dublin Institute of Technology has opened a tourism college on a tropical Chinese Ireland. But why?

Apparently it is to secure the internationalisation of DIT and it’s future whilst training students in famous Irish hospitality. But why the Chinese island Hainan? It seems to carry no relevance or reason. There will also be a luxury resort and a hotel built on the site to be used for training purposes. Students in Dublin will be ale to do placements on the popular island which has the same type of climate as Malaysia and is currently experiencing an economic boost.

        Naturally the directors will have to take an extended trip just to make sure everything is all right for our tourism students, try out the pool, sample the food that kind of thing.

Thought you had more cash in your wallet than that? Purse feeling a bit light? It’s probably because the state has been paying out €83,000 to former Taoisigh in expenses. Despite previously being scrapped the expenses scheme which covers things like mobile phones, secretarial assistants and VIP travel perks, has continued as ’transitional measure’. And guess who was the biggest claimant? Bertie Ahern who has received almost half of the sum at €41,861.06 in addition to his pension of €152,331.66 per year and an initial pension lump sum of over €250,000. You know what they say, once a cheat always a cheat. Or is it once a Taoiseach always a Taoiseach?

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