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So Long Sunshine!

Don’t you just love the Irish summer? I know it’s my favourite day of the year!

This year we were somewhat luckier to experience not one day, but five days of summer in late March. Was it to be a sign of what lies ahead this year? Most definitely not!

 Last week the nation rushed for the sunglasses, the summer wardrobe, and straight to the beaches and beer gardens. All winter warmers were banished in the hope of lasting sunshine, but how wrong we were. For today a blast of polar air brought a hasty end to our early summer.  

Only last week, temperatures reached record highs for March in various parts of the country, yet we are now gearing up for freezing temperatures this Easter week.

This morning we watched television coverage as parts of Scotland were affected by a heavy snowfall, only for sleet to fall hours later on the pavements of Dublin, with temperatures expected to fall below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. Met Eireann have also predicted snowfall in the Wicklow Mountains and at high altitude across northern parts of the country.

The Easter bank holiday weekend is expected to bring milder conditions within a somewhat normal range in the low teens for April, with some rain fall also expected.

So it appears the summer is truly over (in fairness 5 days was generous by Irish standards!), and the winter remains in a confused state! So for those brave enough to take on the beer gardens ensure they are heated, for those planning a trip to the beach ditch the bikini in favour of a wetsuit, and when venturing outside bring both your sandals and your ski boots – for one never knows!!

Last week the masses were considering the possibility of a ‘staycation’ with ample rays of sunshine making Ireland an almost attractive place to be (I say almost, as the household charge, the bank bailouts, and economic crisis  have inhibited the attractiveness of the emerald isle for most!). But alas, with the re-emergence of wintery gales and freezing temperatures, it’s back to the holiday fund and our desperate pursuit of finding sunshine once more.