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Prisoner Stabs Two Before Fleeing Tallaght Hospital

Derek Brockwell

An armed robber has escaped captivity after stabbing two prison officers before fleeing on a motorcycle during a visit to Tallaght Hospital this afternoon.

Gardaí say Derek Brockwell (53) was at the hospital for treatment when he escaped.

The UK national is currently in the midst of a seven-year sentence in Portlaoise Prison for an armed robbery he committed in 2012.

One of the prison officers accompanying him was stabbed in the stomach and had emergency surgery.

A second officer was also stabbed while a third officer escaped unharmed.

With the assistance of an accomplice, Brockwell made his escape from the Dublin hospital on a motorcycle.

Brockwell, who had been serving a life sentence in the UK for a series of armed robberies, is described as 1.90m (6’3″) tall with brown hair and a broad build.

Gardai are anxious to trace the whereabouts of this prisoner and wish to appeal for the public’s assistance in locating him.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Tallaght Garda Station on 01- 6666000, The Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.


Mobster Gilligan Released From Jail


Convicted drug trafficker John Gilligan has been freed from Portlaoise Prison.

61 year old Gilligan, walked out of the prison just after 9.30am and was driven away in a grey Ford Mondeo with two associates.

The father of two was originally given a 28-year sentence in March 2001, which was reduced by eight years on appeal in 2003. Continue reading

CIRA Threatens To Murder Irish Personnel Serving In British Forces


CIRAThe recrudescence of rioting factions and paramilitary groups in this country should be a concern for all. In recent weeks we have seen rioting in the North against the decision by councillors in Belfast to only occasionally fly the Union Flag. And in the same week Continuity IRA prisoners in Portlaoise prison made a statement stating that any Irish citizen that serves in the British military is a ‘legitimate target’ for their organisation. A planned Loyalist protest this week in Dublin was scrapped but only because it was hurried and not planned. The group was to ‘sarcastically’ call for Leinster House to lower the Irish flag in a reaction against the Belfast City Council’s decision to fly the Union flag on certain days of the year.

The rioters in the North have caused unpardonable infrastructural damage, injured and maimed many PSNI officers trying to keep peace and brought parts of Belfast to a standstill. There has not been a night this week in which some form of rioting has not occurred in the city of Belfast. PSNI  officers have been at the forefront of the mayhem and have been exemplary. Rioting thugs have burned out many vehicles in the city including a double-decker bus in the Rathcoole area of Newtownabbey and have single-handedly caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage. Reports also suggest that the thugs who have closed off roads in protest have refused access to local individuals trying to go about their business. A number of disgusting reports have come to light; a local GP being refused passage to get to a cancer patients house; an elderly man refused access to the area where he lived even though his terminally ill wife awaited his return; and other reports of thugs attacking random cars as they passed through their imposed blockades.

The situation in the North had been improving but the recent snag has suggested a return to high tensions between factions.

The other issue of concern regards Irish citizens serving in the British Armed Forces. In a disgusting statement from Continuity IRA inmates in Portlaoise prison it was said that such Irish citizens were targets for murder. Inmates stated that “The moment you don a British uniform you become a legitimate target for the IRA”. The outlawed organisation has never so directly incited the murder of Irish citizens but recent statistics have suggested a rise in the number of Irish citizens joining the British Armed Forces. The number is still relatively low; around 400 Irish citizens serve in the forces. Many of them have served overseas fighting the fanatical Jihadist group the Taliban but now face a threat when they return home to their own soil.

In December Gardai foiled a plot by the Continuity IRA to assassinate an Irishman serving in the British army while he was home for the Christmas period. The man was supposed to visit family in Limerick but was advised not to return home because of the serious threat to his life. The would-be murderers had befriended the man, who is in his 20’s, on Facebook months beforehand and had acquired a gun to carry out the assassination. The sinister development of the CIRA’s decision to actively seek to carry out such murders is one of major concern.

The British Ministry of Defence duly condemned the statement, “We condemn any threat of mindless violence against members of the British Armed Forces. We are committed to protecting them and all Irish personnel are being informed about this specific threat. The statement made by the Continuity IRA is a matter for the Garda Síochána”. Gardai are continuing to investigate the threats and warn any Irish citizen serving in the British Armed Forces to be aware of such a threat.

By Shuki Byrne

Walsh Tried To Rape Ex BCFE Student

A former student at Ballyfermot College of Further Education has revealed how he nearly fell victim to shamed priest Tony Walsh.

Walsh (57) was handed a 16 year sentence in December 2010 for sickening sex crimes over a period of three decades. The final four years of his sentence were suspended.

Walsh served as a priest at the Church of The Assumption in Ballyfermot. In 1980 he began teaching at the De La Salle school and it was here that he came into contact with the children.

The ex student, who didn’t wish to be named , studied at BCFE in the mid nineties, just years after coming into contact with Walsh at the school.

The business graduate revealed that Walsh had taught him for two years before he was moved on. It was on a trip to Sligo that his worst nightmare came through.

“Fr Walsh was a very friendly person, many people took to him. He provided us with anything we wanted. It was strange but when whispers started circulating about him things changed”.

He revealed that Walsh committed numerous acts of indecency towards kids in the school. The kids tried to stay away from him, but he could not be avoided.

“We began staying clear of him after whispers that he was feeling other kids up. It came out that at confession he had been asking kids to sit on his lap. We were heading on a trip to Sligo, he was not due to come but he knew why many were ignoring him and he came along. There was no way we could avoid him”.

It was on that trip that things changed the ex student’s life forever. “We were staying in a hostel in the town. Father Walsh came in that night and began touching people. He tried to have sex with me but was disturbed by workers at the hostel”.

The ex student revealed the incident left him “disturbed and afraid for the remainder of his childhood”.

Just how many people suffered at the hands of Walsh remains unknown. Recently, Walsh`s secret lair in the Phoenix Park was revealed. It was there that he brought kids and raped them, leaving them scarred for life.

Walsh is currently serving time in Portlaoise Prison, where he was attacked by a fellow inmate in January. He has since been moved into isolation after been slashed during the attack.

Referred to as the most notorious abuser in the church scandal by the Murphy report, Walsh’s life remains endangered after other inmates threatened to slit his throat.

If you have been affected by anything in this article or other issues the Dublin branch of the Samaritans are there to offer you support. Do not hesitate to contact them today on 1850 60 90 90. The service is open 24/7 .

Alternatively Connect, The National Adults Counselling Service, offer advice and support for any adult who has experienced abuse, trauma or neglect during their childhood. They can be contacted at 01 865 7400.

This article appeared in the first edition of the BCFE Bulletin 2011, of which Glenn Dowd was Deputy Editor.