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Ireland Welcomes One Millionth American Visitor Of 2013


The one millionth American visitor to Ireland this year – Leonie Higgins – arrived in Dublin this morning. She flew in from JFK with her husband Jim. To mark the milestone occasion, Tourism Ireland and Aer Lingus offered the couple two return tickets just before they left JFK for Dublin – for a future visit to Ireland.

The Irish-American couple, who live in Montgomery, in upstate New York, travel to Ireland regularly to attend the races at Punchestown and to play golf. However, this is their first time to spend Christmas in Ireland. Continue reading

News in Brief – Mourners Upset As Travellers Brawl At Cemetery

fightIt’s that time again, for our weekly round-up of all the mad crap that goes on in this country.

Without wanting to upset anyone NIB starts with some terrible, terrible news. Louis Walsh is going to leave the X Factor. Noooooooooo. Anyway on with this week’s news. Continue reading

News in Brief-Optimistic Irish Love Their Mammies

The Social Welfare system has come into disrepute as a small group of staff members are investigated for diverting funds. This socially unfair practice has seen money transferred to personal bank accounts as well as “unworthy applicants” with eight cases handed to the Public Accounts committee. Continue reading

2013 : The Year of the Festival

Reading Festival 2011This year you need to replace your usual two week sun holiday with a load of weekend camping trips because this summer is the summer of festivals. Last year there was no Oxygen or Slane but its all happening and then some this summer. With upcoming  festival headliners being frequently announced in the press its time to start being festival aware. So before you go and buy your funky wellies and brightly coloured tents, take a look at the low down of festival fun happening around Ireland this summer. You’ll need to decide which ones to hit and which ones to miss. Big decisions will arise when you have to choose between Indiependence, Castlepalooza and Oxygen  as they all fall on the same weekend – but fear not because no matter which one you pick you are almost certainly guaranteed a weekend to remember (or not…) Don’t forget though it’s all about the music! Continue reading

News in Brief-Broke Westlife Star May Seek Band Reunion

Under inspection from TROIKA feels like when your mum checks if you really have tidied your room. This week officials from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund have arrived to check up on us to deem if Ireland is worthy of another cash biscuit from the barrel.

It’s not looking good for Westlife’s Shane Filan, in trouble with creditors over alleged €4million debts incurred by his property company. At least this may mean for Filan fans that a Westlife reunion may be quickly scheduled after their summer farewell tour.

Filan’s financial forecast has been echoing the weather this week with heavy rain and gale force winds. Despite the rain only two races were called off yesterday at Punchestown where race goers were often forced to take shelter from the wind and rain. On walking the track Ruby Walsh assured race organisers the ground was fine – on a two mile stretch he only had to change his mud covered goggles four times – fine indeed.

Ray D’Arcy has refused to retract his outburst directed at the Catholic Church last Friday. Whilst apologising for his use of language on an early morning show the Today FM presenter refuses to retract his statement to the Church hierarchy. This isn’t the only controversy concerning the church this week.

Alan Shatter announced on Wednesday a new bill outlining mandatory reporting in cases of child abuse. However confusion exists concerning whether this law will include priests that hear of pertinent details during confession although if outside of confession they must be reported under the same regulations. Auxillary Bishop of Dublin Raymond Field has stated the seal is ”unvioable” and other priests, according to the Irish Independent have suggested they would be uncomfortable about compromising the Seal of Confession regardless.

There is a loop hole in the legislation preventing the imprisonment of non-reporters if another enactment entitles a person to the refusal to disclose. Does this loop hole (more of a loop tunnel it seems) not already make the argument void, nullifying the need for priests to come forward?

Simon Cowell has been altogether too forth coming in his confessions this week. With sordid affairs and admitting regular colonic treatments to give him that ’sparkle’ in his eye. At least Cowell has had the decency to apologise for the sordid serialisation of his private life in The Sun throughout last week. Simon said he was forced to ’hide under a pillow’ as more and more of his escapades were revealed. The media coverage of these ”exclusives” we’re widespread last week with almost every tabloid running a feature, whilst Simon may have been able to escape, those of us not able to leave the country were forced to greet his smearing face at every turn.