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News In Brief – No Make Up Selfie Mix Up Saves Polar Bears

dougalThere have been some great news stories this week. Too much in fact for NIB, it’s meant to be brief!

To kick us off a man in Cavan has been banned from painting roads for two years. Martin Hannigan, an ‘anti-pothole’ campaigner, has been threatened with a prison sentence if he continues to paint warning signs around potholes on his county’s roads. Ironically he has also been fined for damaging the public highway, the very highway he wants to save! He needs Bono. Continue reading

News In Brief – McGuinness Gets Into Bed With The Queen


There’s been one word on everybody’s lips this week: Bananas. As in; ’this budget is bananas’. Quite true.

Joan Burton’s quite right about one thing, cutting jobseekers allowance by €44 a week will force the young out of the dole queue and out of the country. As always with our politicians the long-term is ignored. Like when Brian Cowen, as Chancellor, failed to see the long-term detriment of overspending during the boom. To sidestep the usual light-hearted tone of NIB for a minute, the government can stick their ’culture of dependency’ up their arse.

The Moriarty Tribunal continues, yes, really. I thought Sherlock killed him under that Waterfall but it seems Moriarty didn’t give up and is claiming legal expenses from the Taoiseach’s department. What do you mean a different Moriarty? I’m talking about fictional events, corrupt baddies and dodgy dealings. At this point the expenses reach €600,000, that certainly sounds fictional. Continue reading

Longing For A Return To Liverpool

Liverpool, home of The Beatles, Cilla Black and Craig Charles (aka Dave Lister from Red Dwarf or Lloyd in Coronation Street) is renowned in Ireland as the place for shopping, a forty minute flight to the vibrant and lively city with great nightlife, lovely accent and, most importantly, wallet friendly.

Liverpool was our last get together, our last girlie holiday (for a while at least) before one of the girls jetted off to her new life in Canada. It will always hold fond memories in that respect but don’t be fooled, Liverpool has more to offer than sentimental value. A few of the girls had been to Liverpool before but this was my first time and definitely not my last. Continue reading

IRA plan to ruin the queen`s visit

Dissident republicans have threatened to kill more police officers and disrupt the Queen’s historic visit to Ireland.

The warning from the Real IRA was read by a masked man at an Easter Rising commemoration in Derry City Cemetery yesterday afternoon.

Referring to the police, he said: “…those who turn traitor …are as liable for execution as anyone else regardless of their religion, cultural background or motivation.”

Three weeks ago PC Ronan Kerr, a Catholic recruit to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, was killed by a booby trap bomb planted beneath his car in Omagh. His death marked another low point in the troubled history of Northern Ireland.

The group also vowed to ensure the Queen “gets the message” that she is not welcome when she visits Ireland next month.

The statement continued: “The Queen of England is wanted for war crimes in Ireland and not wanted on Irish soil.”

The masked man formed part of a colour party of seven people, all dressed in full paramilitary uniform.

Between 200 and 300 people attended the event, which was monitored by a police helicopter.

Police in Northern Ireland have been on high alert all weekend. They fear an attack is imminent and have urged the public to remain vigilant. The death of PC Kerr represented one harrowing attack of many on their officers.