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House Of Pain : For The Love, Not The Money


The majority of wrestling fans think that wrestlers live in the lap of luxury but unless you’re The Rock, CM Punk or John Cena it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

That’s just on the indy scene in the States and Europe, never mind here in Ireland. See if you’re a wrestler on the Irish scene and you want to make money then you may forget about it because there is no money to be made here. You might get some money to cover your expenses like travel accommodation etc but other than that there isn’t a profit to be made at all. Most guys have day jobs which help with their expenses and some guys drive which helps as well if the promoter covers the petrol cost for the driver.  But because I’m unemployed at the moment it’s even harder for me and most times I just barely cover my costs.

The point I’m trying to make is next time you go to an Irish wrestling event show your appreciation and support Irish Wrestling instead of spending your money on WWE tickets because the amount of talent in this country is unreal, prime example is the recent WWE signings of Joey Cabray and Rachel Walker.

As I said next time you’re at any Irish Wrestling event come over to the lads and ladies and show your appreciation and say thank you because I know personally that it means a lot.

Anyway that’s it for now so until next time take it ham and cheesy 🙂

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Irish Star Delighted With WWE Deal

cabrayWorld Wrestling Entertainment has today secured the services of two Irish wrestling talents on developmental deals.

Joe Cabray and Rachel Walker, two veterans of the Irish ring are set to move to Florida to begin the next chapter of their wrestling career, following in the footsteps of Dubliner Sheamus, who is a two time WWE champion. Continue reading