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News in Brief- Corrupt Ming Wins Gold Cup

MINGThe property tax website doesn’t even warrant NIB’s derision. For feck’s sake lads. The government really backed a loser there. Incapable of hurdling over the minor issue that 50% of the website didn’t work. There’s been lots of winners this Cheltenham race week though, not just Willie Mullins.

Obviously we were all waiting with breath that was bated on Tuesday for Ming’s speech from the Dail on the possibility of An Garda Siochana and a council official removing points incurred by him for driving offences. Currently the law allows members of the Oireachtas to avoid driving penalties if on “official business” meaning Ming hasn’t technically done anything wrong other than be a complete hypocrite and winning the Gold Cup for being as corrupt as those he has previously accused. But sure he’s a politician. Continue reading

News in Brief- Paisley Jnr Shot Down Over Racist Jibe As Pyjama Girls Among Celebration Of Iconic Dublin

pjsAt least January is over – only eleven months till Christmas – and with the months end comes the promise of Spring. Better weather, green on the trees and no chance of a pay rise this year for 10% of Irish retail staff. More than 17% surveyed also expect to cut bonuses and overtime as they struggle to meet the costs of overheads and a decrease in consumer demand. Continue reading

Double Celebrations for Moynalvy as Amigos racer Derek Shiels wins at Oliver’s Mount

There were double celebrations last week in Fagan’s “Scuts” bar, Moynalvy, Co. Meath as Amigos Racing Supporters welcomed home #82 Derek Shiels after his double podiums at the Ian Watson Spring cup at Olivers Mount, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Derek’s first win of the day came in Race four, heat two on his CBR 1000 in a time of 8:05.069 with a comfortable win over 2nd place Ivan Lintan, who was almost 7 seconds behind Derek crossing the finish line.

Derek’s 2nd place on the podium came after an intense battle with fellow Irish rider #77, Ryan Farquhar on his ZX10, the Ian Watson all-comers race seen Derek in the lead for 7 out of the 8 laps, when Ryan slipstreamed Derek on the final lap to gain victory but with only 2 seconds between the top two riders the race approaching the finish line was breath-taking with the two riders almost head to head at the chequered flag.

Derek, originally from Drumcree in Co Wicklow is now gearing up for the Irish Road Racing season with Cookstwon 100 Road Races in Northern Ireland being the first on the Irish calendar.  Amigos road racing supporters are starting their fundraising campaign in order to sponsor Derek for the season.  A mechanic by trade, Derek is sporting a newly revamped CBR 1000, #82 supporters may be surprised to know it is indeed the same bike, the old Yellow and white having been replaced with a sleek black, gold and white cosmetic upgrade provided by SD designs.

Derek has been consistently in the top 10 in the Irish Nationals and had pride of place on the podium after taking the chequered flag in Skerries, North County Dublin in July last year, when he held off #16 John Burrows, #6 William Dunlop and #3 Michael Dunlop to claim the victory.  He also saw podiums at Bush, Walderstown, Munster and Killalane.  His right hand men, Mark Kavanagh and Derek Wilson are ready to get stuck in yet again for the 2012 racing season with support from his girlfriend Alicia, Derek is ready to take to roads for more podium positions this year.

The Derek Shiels fundraiser will be held in Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge on the 12th of May 2012 at 8pm with a slideshow of Derek’s best shots being kindly sponsored by sports photographer Stephen Davidson.