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I Couldn’t Stand Back, I Will Help 42 Stone Man Lose Weight

rd1Ritchie Doyle’s life is a little different from what you would call “normal”. At 42 stone and with a BMI above 75, Ritchie is what medics would class as Super-Morbidly Obese. In reality, most individuals would be dead long before they would ever get to this stage of obesity. Ritchie now relies on carrying an oxygen tank around with him and he can no longer climb up his own stairs, meaning that he now sleeps on his living room floor.

At Ritchie’s current weight, doctors have advised that performing a gastric band procedure on him is far too risky. As a result of this, Ritchie has been told to lose weight before he will be considered. He has no help to do this and due to his size, he finds even the slightest exercises almost impossible to carry out. Continue reading