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News In Brief: How Not To Be A Sinful Santa

Bah humbug Bus Eireann! (image:

Bah humbug Bus Eireann! (image:

Sometimes you can’t make the news up, rather you can’t make the people who make the news up. NIB is thinking specifically here of the author who might remain nameless (NIB could change their mind) of The Kilkenny Journal. Their lead story this week: ‘Paedophiles set to pose as gays to marry and adopt kids’. At first NIB thought it was a joke, then we wished it was. According to the splash, predatory paedophiles are already flocking to Ireland in preparation for the gay marriage bill that will be going through the Dail in the spring. Once married they will use their status as happily married couples to adopt and then abuse children. NIB repeats, this is not a joke, this has actually been published online under the guise of actual factual reporting. Listen lads, it’s time to turn off the internet. We obviously can’t have nice things if this is how we behave. Continue reading

News In Brief – No Make Up Selfie Mix Up Saves Polar Bears

dougalThere have been some great news stories this week. Too much in fact for NIB, it’s meant to be brief!

To kick us off a man in Cavan has been banned from painting roads for two years. Martin Hannigan, an ‘anti-pothole’ campaigner, has been threatened with a prison sentence if he continues to paint warning signs around potholes on his county’s roads. Ironically he has also been fined for damaging the public highway, the very highway he wants to save! He needs Bono. Continue reading

Gardai Investigate Fatal Road Crash


Gardaí at Blessington are investigating a fatal road traffic collision which occurred at Crosscool Harbour (N81), Blessington, Co Wicklow at approximately 6.35pm yesterday evening.

A car and a motorcycle were in collision at the above location.  A 28 year old male motorcyclist was seriously injured and was removed to Naas General Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.  No other person was injured. Continue reading

New Road Bill To Bring About Significant Changes

gdaThe Road Traffic Bill 2013 has been published by Transport Minister Leo Varadkar. If it’s passed into law, drug impairment tests will be brought in, along with an increase in penalty points, and new ‘N’ plates for novice drivers. These plates would be required for the first two years of a new licence, and also apply to motorcyclists. Novice and learner drivers would also be subject to a lower number of penalty points for disqualification; six points – which is half the level for fully licenced drivers – would mean a two year ban. Continue reading

Varadkar Denies M50 Toll Hike

 Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has denied reports that tolls on Dublin’s M50 could be increased to up to €6.50 under plans to reduce congestion at peak times.

A study carried out by the National Roads Authority is recommending the introduction of ‘multi-point tolling’ along the Dublin motorway to reduce the demand from motorists making short trips. Continue reading

RSA Finds 20% Of Youths Race on Irish Roads

Research released by the Road Safety Authority at their annual lecture showed that 20% of young drivers have raced on roads in this country.

Young male drivers have emerged from this latest research very badly. The survey of 1,500 drivers show young male drivers reported more speeding, reckless driving and use of mobile phones while driving than other motorists.

The report also found that 5,678 road users aged between 17 and 24 were killed or seriously injured on Irish roads between 1997 and 2009 and more than a third (35%) of those deaths took place between midnight and 5am.

High profile road safety campaigns and the introduction of the points system would appear to have had some positive effect with the number of road deaths for 2011 down on 2010 figures according to Garda statistics. However, despite this, reports of speeding have seen a stark rise.

Convictions for speeding have almost doubled on 2010 figures with over 96,000 people receiving points on their licence in the first four months of 2011.

Elsewhere, incidents of driving while intoxicated have dropped in the past few years with an average of 902 incidents per month reported by Gardai for this year. In 2010, there was an average of 1,000 people caught drink driving per month.

The RSA report was created by Dr. Kiran Sarma, a chartered psychologist and lecturer in psychology at NUI Galway. Dr. Sarma believes these issues with driving on our roads are not merely due to lack of strict penal procedures or speed testing equipment but more so down to people’s attitudes, he said:

“The research would suggest that addressing speeding attitudes is important but that deeper psychological factors are also linked to dangerous driving on our roads.”