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More Than Just A Melody


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I’ve always loved music. Listening, singing, playing; it’s always been there. We listen to music for a multitude of reasons. To sing, to dance, to pick us up and even sometimes to bring us down. It stirs emotion, to those who allow it; above and beyond things we’ve ever previously experienced. Continue reading

Bombay Bicycle Club-So Long, See You Tomorrow


London’s’ Bombay Bicycle Club have gradually risen from the smallest font of festival line-ups to this, their first UK number one album. Their slow, hard-earned success is a comforting reminder of not only the importance of hard work and patience, but reminds us that innovation and challenging yourself can reap big rewards. Thus far, each of Bombay’s albums has been their best yet and the group have developed so much that they truly sound like a different band today on their fourth album than the one who released the so-so debut “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose”. “So Long, See You Tomorrow” is Bombay’s first album as contenders and they admirably continue to push themselves throughout. Continue reading