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News in Brief – Shatter Resigns As Kenny Morphs Into Putin


Before we kick off can you all take a minute to imagine the theme to The Apprentice . . . got it? OK now we can start.

Alan Shatter has left the building. While the Indo asked ‘who trapped the rat in Leinster House?’ The answer became obvious, it was Enda and he was clutching him by his whiskery tail.

So Shatter has resigned and the future of the justice system is restored, well not exactly, but it’s bound to be a bit better right? RIGHT?! Former social worker Frances Fitzgerald has stepped up to the plate so hopefully she has a better idea of right and wrong. That’s beside the point though what NIB would like to draw everyone’s attention to is that Kenny has taken over Defence. Put a crown on him and call him Putin. Surely putting our dear leader in charge of the country’s defence policy is like appointing him leader of all things. Maybe NIB is exaggerating but you just wait, when the words ‘5-year-plans’ slip out you’ll know we warned you! Continue reading

Film Review : Rush


Fast cars, pretty girls and daring to do the impossible is what Formula One legends are made of.  And when you throw a hotheaded rivalry into the mix you get a biopic like director Ron Howard’s Rush.

In the seventies playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and calculating Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) drove the circuit, each daring the other to overtake, both desperate to win.  The only thing these two very different men have in common is the desire to excel and achieve greatness, willing to push themselves and each other to the limit and even beyond. Continue reading