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Five Must See Irish Acts in 2013

The-Strypes-300x192The Irish music scene has become a diversified space in recent years. We’re famous for our traditional and country music, with the odd U2, Thin Lizzy or Westlife thrown in the mix. But recently a wave of new young talent has burst onto the music scene.

We look at the top five Irish acts you must catch this year. Move aside Bono… Continue reading


Sheridan Wows Sell Out Crowd At Dublin’s Olympia Theatre

It has been one hell of a journey for Monaghan born Ryan Sheridan and his partner in percussion Artur Graczyk. It wasn’t all that long ago they were busking on Grafton Street and now this weekend he has found himself headlining his own sold out gig in The Olympia Theatre, where just over a year ago even he was supporting The Script.

With a promise and display of some new material, things are definitely only getting better for Ryan and on Friday night he showed just how much he has evolved to make his small setup occupy the entire stage. The set kicked off with a fantastic visual as Sheridan, Graczyk and new addition Nicky Brennan on lead guitar started up “High Roller” whilst still behind the veil of a white curtain, the shadowed visage of Sheridan slowly approaching the front. When the curtain dropped and the song kicked off in full there was a fantastic roar from the packed house with Sheridan clearly relished.

What’s great about a Ryan Sheridan gig is that the nature of his music, and particularly the percussive elements of each track, means that even the more relatively subdued tracks keep the big feel of the show going. It really is baffling as a concertgoer to understand how Graczyk manages to get the full sound he does from what is basically a wooden box. Along with some new tracks and album hitters like “The Game” and “Stand Up Tall” the pace and life of the set kept going through out. Brennan’s input into the tracks was nice too without fundamentally changing them from their original incarnations. I am not sure if his addition is a permanent one but his playing can definitely compliment Sheridan.

 The performance of “Jigsaw”, the track that launched him onto the scene two years ago, was nicely arranged with Brennan sitting out the track for the two original boys from Grafton Street to acknowledge the journey they’ve taken. On stage the two were also presented with their reward for “The Day You Live Forever” now having gone platinum, no less than they deserve. For the encore slot Sheridan treated us to a solo version of the mesmerizing biographical track “All & More”. Seeing him sat on his own telling the crowd “success is hard to find but failure is not to try”, there was a genuine nature to the rendition that, biased as it may sound, exists in Irish artists more so than any other. Much like The Script making it from, as they said themselves “a shed” to the U2 “claw” in Croke Park went as far to move Danny O’Donoghue to tears, Sheridan was clearly moved by the crowd whilst performing this track. “Little Lion Man” then made a welcome appearance and got a massive reception from the crowd. And of course, as most of the audience were clamouring for all night, “The Dreamer” closed off the night, and what a great night it had been. The gig was not a marathon session by any account, with only one album released there couldn’t really be more expected, but for €20 nobody was being short changed. Though he has no immediate dates in the pipeline, we definitely haven’t seen the last of him and his is definitely not a gig to be missed. A great nights entertainment.

Festival Fever Fast Approaching

SPRING IS HERE! (Is it?) Well, if it isn’t, as with summer, it’ll grace us with its presence soon. We hope. Anyway, festival fever is starting to creep upon us. Since Oxegen and Glastonbury have annoyingly decided to skip a year, other smaller festivals have stepped up with a more quirky Electric Picnic style event in mind, rather than just a couple amazing acts and a funfair composed in the corner of the field. When did we get so fussy?

The first one I heard of was ‘LIFE’ held from 25th- 27th May, A Mullingar based festival. In Mullingar…leading to the acknowledgement that there must be more following suit.
So I delved a little further into the world of random towns hosting fun-sized Picnics. For March head to these little offerings;
The Fingal Film Festival 21st – 23rd
Fresh Film Festival (Limerick) 26th – 30th
Ballydehob Traditional Music Festival (Cork) 30th – 1st

Go to the latter for the name alone. For something a little more…sporty, head to Dublin on the 30th March for ‘The Wee Adventure Film Festival’ which celebrates adventure and extreme sports.
APRIL hosts a new music festival, ‘WE:SESSION’. Intriguing. The festival is aimed at students (shocking. Aren’t they all?) it offers a taste of Irish and International entertainment and takes place over just one day. Based in Co.Clare, and at 4000 students, it will hit capacity. Not too shabby.

Kerry hosts The Shindig Festival from 20th – 22nd April. Indulging in the best of set dancing and traditional diddley-idle. You may see your parents there.
Ballydehob strikes again in MAY, this time with a Jazz Festival 4th – 7th May
Ireland’s oldest funday, ‘The Festival of the Fires’ ignites on 5th May in Westmeath with Bressie, Ryan Sheridan, The Hothouse Flowers and Kìla. Well, if they didn’t have you sold with Ryan Sheridan, I’m sure Bressie swayed you.

Forbidden Fruit is already a popular multi-arts event held at the site of The Irish Museum of Modern Art from the 2nd – 4th June. June spreads the festival bug to July and August promising a cultural summer for all tastes. So now having gotten over the shock of no Oxegen this year, gather yourself, dig out your straw hat, studded wellingtons and red rimmed spectacles and scope out the shenanigans near you on