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France Legalises Same Sex Marriage

Merely a few days ago, New Zealand became the thirteenth country to legalise same sex marriage, and now France has become the fourteenth, and the ninth in Europe.

Deputies voted in favour of the bill back in February, by 329 to 229. They gathered again this afternoon, and politicians passed the bill by 331 votes to 225. French President Francois Hollande welcomed the news, and Justice Minister Christine Taubira said, “Many French people will be proud this job is done”. Continue reading

New Zealand Legalises Same Sex Marriage

New Zealand has become the thirteenth country in the world – and the first in the Asia Pacific region – to pass a bill legalising same sex  marriage. Their parliament voted 77 in favour, and 44 against the bill.

This is one of the last steps needed to pass a law; the final step, in which the governor-general gives his consent, is usually a given. The law is expected to be brought in to force within the next four months. The move comes a week after Uruguay approved a measure to legalise same sex marriage, and merely days after our Constitutional Convention here in Ireland voted in favour of recommending that the Oireachtas hold a referendum on the issue. Continue reading

Catholicism Heralds In The Era Of Jorge Bergoglio

popeJorge Mario Bergoglio was yesterday (March 13th) elected to be the 266th Pope, as white smoke emerged on the second day of the Papal conclave. He took the name Francis, after Francis of Assisi, and breaks two traditions; he is the first Jesuit Pope, and the first Pope from the Americas.

Bergoglio is an Argentinian, born in Buenos Aires in 1936; this puts him at 76 years of age, which could be considered a disappointment to those hoping for a younger Pope to lead the Catholic Church. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1969, and became an Auxiliary Bishop in 1992. He was believed to have been a strong contender for the Papacy during the last conclave, that saw John Paul II elected. Continue reading

Irish Trio Combat Iona Institute Views On Gay Marriage

Over the Christmas holidays, my partner and I noticed a bit of buzz in our social media feeds about the video released by The Iona Institute and were curious to see what all the fuss was about. After watching the video, we were in utter disbelief. My partner and I are somewhat guilty of living in a bubble. A bubble of love and support from our family, friends and colleagues. In fact, many of them are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the big day.

Watching the video ‘The Case for Man/Woman Marriage’ certainly burst that bubble. Whatever way you sugar-coat a message like that, it’s still discrimination.  Why should our relationship be discounted due to the fact that it is a homosexual one? Why should our ability to raise a child be questioned?  We may be more or less prepared as any heterosexual couple to face the challenges of raising a child; our parenting skills should not be determined by our sexual orientation.

The Iona Institute claim that every child wants a loving Mum and Dad, we believe that the family unit regardless of what form it takes is what a child wants.  Family to us is about providing love and security to our children. We should have the right to be a family, a family with equal rights and protection.

In reality, there are a number of children being raised by same sex parents, unmarried parents and other such family units that do not fit the Iona mould.  The message portrayed by the Iona Ad alienates those children. For the sake of those children and those in loving committed relationships, we needed to send a message of tolerance and equality.

We decided to write a response to their Ad. We wanted to open the forum for discussion and to highlight the issues we had and to make the message more inclusive. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and support that we have received. And for now, our hope for a change in attitudes and acceptance has been restored. A big thank you from Sinead, Rupert and I.

Linda Walsh 

Irish Rail Offers Apology to Same Sex Couple

Iarnròd Èireann have issued an apology to a same sex couple after the railway operator questioned the validity of their pass last weekend. 

The couple, Noel Dolan and his partner Juan Carlos Camacho Suarez, were refused entry to a Dublin to Cork train at Heuston station last Sunday. 

Dolan had been provided with a travel pass by the Department of Social Protection which would cover both himself and his partner on a return trip to the capital. 

The couple had travelled to Dublin in order to attend the Noise March for Marriage Equality but were informed by a staff member at Heuston that their pass was invalid and they would be unable to board the train . 

The couple claim they were told that Irish Rail does not recognise same sex marriage. After requesting to speak to a supervisor the couple were further enraged that the issue was not resolved. 

Dolan and Suarez made the journey home by buying a regular ticket. 

Iarnròd Èireann has since apologised for the incident, stating it has “no policy in relation to free travel for those in same sex or any other types of marriage.”