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News in Brief- Irish Emigrants Blamed For STD Influx In NZ

irishAlan Shatter is in trouble this week for apparently offending ‘old’ prostitutes. Honestly, the man has experienced anti-semitic hatred and cruel personal jibes recently and then he goes and calls prostitutes working in Ireland ‘old’. Actually, the story is not quite as clear-cut as tabloid headlines would have us believe, SHOCK and AWE. He wasn’t calling all prostitutes old, just some.

Our international reputation isn’t doing so well either after an article in the New York Times has caused uproar, depicting life in post-Tiger Ireland. According to the piece produced by Liz Alderman, there’s a man in Shankill in Dublin who shoots and BBQ’s pigeons to survive. The story has met widespread disapproval from locals and councillors of Shankill alike; Fine Gael TD Mary Mitchell O’Connor said she rejects the description of the town and the main subject of the article, who used to own boats and a five-bedroom house and now resorts to pigeon shooting on the street to survive. NIB isn’t sure, perhaps Shankill is the social equivalent of Mordor, I mean American’s don’t normally exaggerate do they? Continue reading

Worst Superhero Movies Ever


Fresh from completing his latest comic book venture “Velvet”, author Stephen Coffey reveals his worst superhero movies ever having already paid tribute to the greatest  ever made.

As Superheroes are expected to dominate this years box office, with Superman returning to our silver screens under the name Man of Steel (I’m sure that at some point someone in Hollywood will place Superman before that title, in case people don’t realise that it’s a Superman movie, sigh). With Thor 2, Iron Man 3, and GI Joe 2 coming along it’s time we look back at some of the low points of the Superhero/Comic movies that have assaulted our eyes.

As with my top ten this list is based on the movies that I have seen and are in no particular order.  I won’t respond to any comments or arguments, this is my list and my opinion, you are as always entitled to your own.  Continue reading

Django Unchained

Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, like Inglorious Basterds, takes history, gives it a Tarantino twist and creates a whole alternate world.

Set in 1858 Django Unchained is basically a western, men in hats on horses shooting people. But of course there is more to the story than that. The German bounty hunter Dr King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) frees Django (Jamie Foxx) from slavery and takes him on as an “apprentice”.  While the two unlikely partners go looking for bad guys on wanted posters, ruthlessly kill them and cash in the reward a second layer of plot is slowly revealed.

Django wants to find and save his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). Intrigued by the name Dr. Schultz tells Django about the German myth of Brunhilde and her lover Siegfried and decides to help the “real life Siegfried” free his Broomhilde.

After a lot of violence, blood and gore Django and Dr Schultz discover that, Broomhilda is held by the Southern aristocrat and sadist Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) on his Plantation Candyland.

Django Unchained is a homage to the spaghetti westerns of the 60s, just much more violent and bloodier. Like so many of Tarantino’s films, revenge is the main theme, justifying the bloodlust of its lead character. And while the interwoven storylines and plots need time to be told, 165minutes (no break) does seem a little excessive and is a true test to anyone’s bladder.

However the strong cast and witty dialogues do keep you entertained, especially Di Caprio’s captivating performance as the complex villain Candie. He is charismatic, brutal and deeply racist, with a weirdly intimate relationship to his house slave Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson).

Both Waltz and Foxx are also enthralling to watch, Waltz embodies Schultz as a true gentleman, charming and very eloquent, educated but with a ruthlessness streak and a deep-rooted sense of right and wrong. Foxx seems to channel Clint Eastwood at times, with his silent demeanor and expressive gaze.  And there is a whole slew of recognizable faces in smaller, supporting roles, like Don Johnson, M.C Gainey, James Remar and Tarantino himself.

Although Django Unchained is undeniably a Tarantino film, laced with black humour and playful brutality, it isn’t as good as Inglourious Basterds. This is partially due to the overindulgence in length and partially due to a disconnect in the storytelling.  Too many narratives are equally weighted, and some that could use a stronger focus lack punch. But this doesn’t entirely distract from the unique storytelling, strong characters and great actors, making Django Unchained overall another successful Tarrantino film.

By Jensine-Bethna Wall

The Avengers Assembled

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Marvel’s superhero mash-up The Avengers is not the best super hero film of all time, but definitely the funniest.  The story-line is simple Norse god Loki (Tom Hiddleston) comes to earth, steals a cosmic power-cube and wants to enslave human kind with the help of some very nasty aliens.  Not only is his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) not very happy with this idea but S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) decides it’s time to bring out the big guns and create Avengers Assemble, a group of testosterone throbbing supermen.

Of course if you put a Norse god (Thor), a doctor with severe anger-management issues (The Hulk /Mark Ruffalo), a multibillionaire with an ego bigger than his own phallic sky-scraper (Iron Man/ Robert Downey Jr) and an unfrozen WW2  hero who likes wearing silly outfits  (Captain America/ Chris Evans ) into one room fights and a lot of chest banging are bound to occur. But of course after a lot of quips, fist fights and heated arguments they pull themselves together in an attempt to save the world.

Director Joss Whedon does try to balance out this male macho party with Peppa Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) hot pants, the Black Widows  (Scarlett Johansson) breathtakingly tight black jumpsuit and Fury’s right-hand woman and stunner Maria Hill (not looking for anyone’s mother Cobie Smulders). But between fighting off the alien invasion, great one-liners and even Shakespearean lingo the superheros don’t have time for love.

The Avengers is pop-corn cinema at it’s best, there is something for everyone. The dialogues are witty and entertaining and sure to make you laugh. The special affects are brilliant, between spaceships, aliens planets, massive New York destruction, car crashes galore and the Hulk, the illusion is close to perfect, and of course it’s all in 3D. Both guys and girls have eye candy to swoon over, blonds, brunettes, red heads and even the lovers of green will find something beautiful and hunky (or hulky) to fall in love with. So put on your 3D goggles and enjoy Joss Whedon’s wonderful comic adaptation.