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The Globalisation Of The NBA


Brooklyn Nets kicked off the first global game of 2014 with a resounding 127-110 win over the Atlanta Hawks at London’s 02 Arena last Thursday.

Over the past 35 years the NBA have played 147 games globally, visiting 20 different countries including China, Germany, Italy and Russia amongst others.

Yet the globalisation of the NBA has extended far beyond bringing the game cross continent.  Continue reading

NBA Western Conference Preview


The Western Conference has in many ways being forced to take a back seat role as the Miami Heat have ripped up the entire NBA over the past two seasons. The pre season games are now a matter of weeks away whilst teams begin training camps next weekend. The season really is just around the corner and I for one certainly cant wait.

How things have changed for the Dallas Mavericks since they won the Championship not too long ago. Dirk Nowitski has been a pro for the past fifteen years but simply put cannot continue to carry this Mavs team like he has done over the past two seasons. Having lost many of their star performers throughout those two seasons I think it is safe to say that the Mavs are no longer serious play off contenders and must be contempt with a few mediocre seasons as they look to rebuild their team. Continue reading

Axe Attacks,Paedophiles Banned and Cow Stampedes

Axe Death Fear

A Danish cartoonist has told a court he feared being hacked to death for drawing a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed.

Kurt Westergaard(75) said he feared he was going to be slaughtered by a Somali who broke into his home in Aarhus with an axe in January of last year.

The defendant was shot by police as he left Westergaard`s home.

Paedophiles Banned From Town

Convicted paedophiles have been banned from entering a small US town.

San Antonio in Florida has passed a law banning all registered child molesters from living within a mile of the town`s outskirts.

Cow Stampede Man Spared Jail

A fireman who drove a fire engine towards a herd of cows causing them to stampede and kill their owner has been handed a four month prison sentence.

Julian Lawford(49) pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

He was responding to a 999 call when the herd of cows got in his way in Somerset, England, in August 2009.