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Wrestlers Tokyo Tremor Scare

A leading Irish wrestler who is based in Japan has revealed his horror at what he thought was just a tremor.

Fergal Devitt who wrestles with the New Japan Pro Wrestling company has been a Tokyo resident for five years. In his time there small earthquakes have been relatively common.  

 The Bray native bought a house some years ago on the outskirts of the Japanese capital. He was at home when the earthquake struck and said he felt it would be no different to any others but he was wrong. 

“At first it was nothing out of the ordinary, like a rumbling vibration for thirty seconds. Normally after that it would return to calm but then a series of violent jerks began. It was at that moment that we realized this was a lot bigger than normal”.

 The current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion went out into the street to see what was going on and was shocked at what he witnessed. “The house was rattling, cars were rocking from side to side and the lamp posts were swaying around like tree tops. The entire street swayed back and forth for a few minutes, it was like been on a ferry”.

 Devitt revealed that he didn’t know what had happened elsewhere until he turned on the news. “We had no idea the extent of the damage elsewhere in Tokyo and what was to come up north. It’s hard to comprehend just how far reaching an earthquake can be. It wasn’t until news reports about an hour later that we were to discover the true extent of the damage”. 

He added that in Ireland we see these disasters all too often but we are lucky to have rarely experienced it. “We performed in Sendai City just over two weeks ago. We also performed in other parts of Japan and now the entire towns there have been wiped out. It is a very humbling realization that we are powerless at the hands of mother nature”.

 NJPW has cancelled its shows for this week and will resume at the weekend in Nagoya and Osaka.

 This article featured in the Irish Daily Mirror on Wednesday 15 March 2011. 

Japan Awakes To Devastation

As the dawn breaks over Japan,a new day begins yet the destruction of yesterday`s earthquake and tsunami remain painfully vivid for all to see.

 The massive 8.9 magnitude quake on Friday caused a 33ft wave that hit the port of Sendai city,bringing the entire city to the ground and leaving the country staring at huge financial repercussions.

The country is still coming to terms with the devastation, with early indications shown that thousands have perished. The Pacific nation has received another blow with the crisis of a possible nuclear threat hanging over them.

The threat of radiation continues to develop after faults at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) said it was in “full response mode” after the unit 2 reactor at the plant plant suffered a cooling fault and thousands of residents in surrounding areas were evacuated.

The coastal power plant, northeast of Tokyo, is still partially submerged. It has been confirmed that it is no longer possible to control the pressure in the reactors and some 40 000 people have been evacuated from the area.

 The earthquake has sparked at least 80 fires in cities and towns along the coast of Japan.

Car manufacturing plants, electronics factories and refineries have been shut, many roads are blocked and most of the country remains without electricity.

Several airports, including Tokyo’s Narita, have been closed and all rail services halted. All ports also remain shut.