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Film Review: Sex Tape


For his latest slapstick comedy, Sex Tape, multi-talented Jason Segel has not only teamed up with director Jake Kasdan again, but with co-star Cameron Diaz, too. However this time around the story is more about the “what happens next” phase of romance.

Settled as a married couple with two kids, living and working in the suburbs , Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) seem to have the perfect life. But ten years of marriage have diminished the passion and they just can’t seem to find the time or energy to have sex. Continue reading

Wrestling Icon Hogan Sues Over Sex Tape Leak

Legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan has sued a gossip website for $100 million for posting a sex tape featuring him and the wife of his former best friend.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, has also filed a lawsuit against the woman, Heather Clem, and her ex-husband, radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge (Todd Clem), claiming they videotaped him without his knowledge.

The posting of the video “constitutes a shameful and outrageous invasion of plaintiff’s right of privacy by a group of loathsome defendants who have no regard for human dignity and care only about maximizing their revenues and profits at the expense of all others,” said the lawsuit against Gawker, which was filed on Monday.

The video, recorded six years ago, depicted 12 time world champion Hogan and Clem having sex in her bedroom while she was still married. Both the Bollea and Clem marriages have come to an end since.

“Plaintiff has spent considerable time and effort developing his career as a professional champion wrestler and developing his brand,” the lawsuit against Clem and Bubba said.

Cameron Stracher, a lawyer for Gawker, said he believes the suit is meritless and will ask a judge to throw the case out.

“He’s having sex with another man’s wife in another man’s home,” he added. “I’m not sure it’s reasonable to say he has an expectation of privacy under the circumstances.”

The lawsuit against Gawker seeks $100 million in damages while the subsequent lawsuit against the Clems does not specify an amount.

Stephen Diaco, a lawyer for Bubba, said Hogan knew there was a tape of the encounter, despite his claim that he was unaware, and that Bubba had nothing to do with its release.

“Bubba is a victim; Heather is a victim,” he said. “Bubba does not know who released this tape.”

The two men had been close friends for a long time with Hogan standing as the best man at Clems’ wedding and being godfather to their son.

Current Impact Wrestling star Hogan recently told radio host Howard Stern that Bubba gave him permission to have sex with his wife.