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Ronnie O’ Sullivan-The Deceptive Master


There are an endless amount of ways to pass away a lifetime. Normally within this unknown time frame, we have to eke out a living to see us through from youth to old age. For snooker players this period is shorter than other professions and usually spans no more than twenty years. Those who make it to the pinnacle of the game are few in number and with good reason-the game is incredibly difficult and requires enormous hours of dedication.

A young player trying to forge their way is usually rash and impetuous. He or she will try to pot every ball, care little for long safety exchanges and generally show impatience against more experienced players. Ask a practiced twenty one year old to pot a long ball though and more often than not, by virtue of sheer confidence they will do it. Tell them to play safe if a chance amongst the balls breaks down in front of a big crowd and more than likely, you will find they can’t refuse an attacking opportunity and will thus go on to lose the frame and possibly the match. Continue reading

Irish In Exile #6 : Patrick Moynagh

Drumgoon Arabian LinkIf someone was asked to name the most common destinations for individuals emigrating from Ireland, it’s highly likely that most people would offer places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the U.S. as the most popular ports of call.

That said, there will always be those emigrants that end up in places considered by most to be somewhat off the beaten track – and sometimes significantly so.

So it was for Patrick Moynagh, who in 2010 decided to move to Saudi Arabia and take up a position as an Economic Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Central Bank. Continue reading