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Toyota’s Sporting Heritage Rekindled

GT-86-11They say, whoever they may be, that the most joy can be experienced through the simple things in life. Whenever you may have a bad day, this often holds true; a warm day with the hint of a breeze, an email from an old friend, the smell of your favourite food wafting through the house, all of these things can be that little nudge to put you into a better mood. For car lovers, add the Toyota GT86 to that list.

You may be dubious about the styling from the outside, if your first impression comes from a picture seen online or in a catalogue. Something seems a little off, not quite right. It looks sporty, indeed, and different. But you can’t appreciate everything just yet. And then you catch your first glimpse of the beast in the flesh. And you smile. And walk around to get the bigger picture. And again. And again.

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