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A Year in Brief: Part Two


Part two of NIB’s yearly round-up because 2013 was just too good! (Read part one here).

Dublin’s new bridge, crossing the Liffey at Marlborough Street and connecting Luas lines on each side of the river, was on the lookout for a name. A list of 85 possibilities was suggested by the public which was then shortlisted by Dublin City Council to 17. Some suggestions in a comments thread on The Times website included: Bosco Bridge; Daniel Day Luas Bridge (nice); Da Plain People O’Ireland Bridge; Jedward Bridge; and NIB favourite, the Feckin’ Bridge. Continue reading

Standardised Cigarette Package Hearings To Be Held

File:James Reilly February 2011.jpg

Hearings are due to be held by the Oireachtas Health Committee concerning forthcoming legislation which will standardise both cigarettes packaging and the health warnings displayed on these packs. Branding and logos are to be removed, and larger graphic warnings featuring diseased and damaged organs will be included under terms of the Public Health Standardising Packaging of Tobacco Bill 2013.

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News In Brief-Fine Gael TD Puts His Foot In It As Gingers Set To Revolt


Some weeks NIB thinks the World can be a strange place, others it is completely and utterly insane.

These are modern times, if asked who they love with all their hearts, most young children are more likely to say Santy than Jesus. Or Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction. Kids in Limerick then will be disappointed that the date of their first Holy Communion has not been changed so they can go to a 1D concert. Gaelscoil an Raithin was forced to ballot parents after discussions about a potential move to three weeks earlier got out of hand. You might not see them in mass but they love a good row. Parents voted overwhelmingly to keep the original date, 24th May for communion, also the day of the boys sold out gig in Croke Park. Don’t worry though kids, they’re shit. Continue reading

News in Brief-President Called “Acknowledged Homosexual” As Jedward Return

Olympic TorchSilly season hasn’t quite got underway with enough speed this year. NIB wants false accusations of homosexuality, sex-fetish filled Ireland and Jedward to do something stupid! Oh wait . . .

Who knew Michael D was an “acknowledged homosexual”? Not even Michael D himself, must have come as quite a surprise to his wife and four kids. American ’Forbes’ magazine was forced to issue an apology after a piece claimed Higgins was a massive gay boy. They weren’t exactly their words. Michael D wasn’t bothered though, because he’s a massive legend, he just got on with this week’s engagements. How would Enda react to similar claims NIB wonders? Continue reading

New Pictures On Cigarette Packages To Give Smokers A Push

Tobacco-packagingSmoker’s group Forest Éireann has railed against the introduction of mandatory graphic images on boxes of cigarettes from the beginning of February. From the 1st of this month, the boxes will feature grisly images such as a healthy lung alongside a blackened smoker’s lung. Spokesperson John Mallon has argued that while the group welcomes measures which educate people about the dangers of smoking, this is a measure “designed not to educate but to shock and coerce consumers to give up a legal product”. Continue reading

News in Brief-Terrorists Threaten Eurovision

Paul O’Connell, a giant in his field (giant in many fields, rugby or otherwise) has been given the Freedom of Limerick. Imagine, free reign of the city of Limerick, an honour previously bestowed on national treasure Terry Wogan. What would you do first? Have a drink? Go for a meal? Kill some greyhounds and dump them in a quarry?

The Limerick Leader was quick to point out O’Connell was awarded the honour `in advance of Munster’s disappointing defeat to Ulster at Thomond Park on Sunday`.  Perhaps then councillors may change their minds before the ceremony on 22nd April, I certainly wouldn’t try revoking the green machine’s freedom, I don’t think we’d like him when he’s angry.
38 million cigarettes have been seized at Dublin Port in an operation that’s saved the exchequer 13.1million euro and the average person some discount fiscal fags.This is surely the pinnacle of success in potential plans to police smoking in cars or as close as they are likely to get – like preventing people speeding, drinking and texting whilst driving – it’s impossible to enforce.
Can Catholicism get a make over? Whilst weekly Mass attendance figures are some of the highest in Europe it seems not all are practising what is preached. Eighty-seven percent of Irish Catholics questioned, believe priests should be allowed to marry (Ballykissangel could have turned out very differently) and seventy-seven percent think women should be allowed to become priests. For seventy-five percent of people, church teachings on sexuality are apparently `irrelevant`. Perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone and have female priests giving sermons in stilettos?
Whilst these statistics illustrate the widening gap between parishioners and priests, it is unlikely that a Stars in Their Eyes transformation is on the cards for the Catholic Church.
Eurovision you either love it or threaten to `shed the blood` of `European scum`. Oh dear. For a show that often receives a Marmite reaction an Islamic extremist group have gone a whole hop, skip and a jump further, threatening to use knives and chemical weapons in a terror attack on the Eurovision hopefuls in May. Seventeen Azari terrorists have been arrested in recent police raids with one blowing himself up.
Jedward are apparently unfazed by the potential for attack in Azerbaijan tweeting,
`Just so you know the Jedward Baby Day Care is closed and will not be changing any diapers so go baby wee wee at your own home`