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Axe Attacks,Paedophiles Banned and Cow Stampedes

Axe Death Fear

A Danish cartoonist has told a court he feared being hacked to death for drawing a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed.

Kurt Westergaard(75) said he feared he was going to be slaughtered by a Somali who broke into his home in Aarhus with an axe in January of last year.

The defendant was shot by police as he left Westergaard`s home.

Paedophiles Banned From Town

Convicted paedophiles have been banned from entering a small US town.

San Antonio in Florida has passed a law banning all registered child molesters from living within a mile of the town`s outskirts.

Cow Stampede Man Spared Jail

A fireman who drove a fire engine towards a herd of cows causing them to stampede and kill their owner hasĀ been handed a four month prison sentence.

Julian Lawford(49) pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

He was responding to a 999 call when the herd of cows got in his way in Somerset, England, in August 2009.