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Celtic Knights Issue 3 Leaves Heroes On Brink

 Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights is back for a third edition having garnered much interest among the Irish comic book faithful. Prepare to be dazzled once again by the artwork of Mike Kennedy.

The comic resumes in the third part of the four pronged The Best of What’s Left series.

Issue One began with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovered that 90% of the world’s superhero population had been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker. Continue reading

Worst Superhero Movies Ever


Fresh from completing his latest comic book venture “Velvet”, author Stephen Coffey reveals his worst superhero movies ever having already paid tribute to the greatest  ever made.

As Superheroes are expected to dominate this years box office, with Superman returning to our silver screens under the name Man of Steel (I’m sure that at some point someone in Hollywood will place Superman before that title, in case people don’t realise that it’s a Superman movie, sigh). With Thor 2, Iron Man 3, and GI Joe 2 coming along it’s time we look back at some of the low points of the Superhero/Comic movies that have assaulted our eyes.

As with my top ten this list is based on the movies that I have seen and are in no particular order.  I won’t respond to any comments or arguments, this is my list and my opinion, you are as always entitled to your own.  Continue reading

The Society For The Remarkable Suicide

It’s a quintessential cocktail of sex, drugs and suicide yet The Society For The Remarkable Suicide is as enthralling as it is graphic. Suicide has always been considered a touchy subject but the team behind this comic have stood defiant with their sensitive idea and unraveled this controversial yet compelling plot focused around suicide.

The Society for the Remarkable Suicide tells the story of Trevor and Catherine, two people who have reached a point of depression seemingly beyond return and they feel the only way to go is by taking their lives. They join a secret society led by Joe Senior, a man who lost his son Joe Junior, to suicide. Joe Senior, believes his son’s death was considered just “another statistic” and decides to help people who can no longer take the harsh reality of life complete their final act in the most remarkable fashion imaginable. Each member is asked to sign a contract and upon doing this have exactly 3 months to plan it out and a further month to complete the task, we have yet to find out exactly what happens if you fail to do this but I can’t imagine it being pleasant considering the nature of the Society. The Society reaches out to their prospective members through a suicide helpline called the True Light Survivors, basically if you call then you are invited to a Society meeting. As you might have guessed both Trevor and Catherine call and are promptly invited.

The book opens with an account of Joe Junior’s demise complimented by some fascinating artwork from Cormac Hughes and Robert Carey. Stephen Coffey draws the readers closer and creates an emotional attachment to the character through his writing, creating an incredibly moving opening sequence to this graphic novel..

The writing continues to impress as feel for Joe Senior, and his reasoning behind starting the Society. When we meet Trevor he seems like a man who is on top of the world. He has a well paid job and a loving family yet his apparent happiness on the outside is contrasted with a dark sense of depression on the inside.  At 29 he could be considered to have a great life, especially after his recent promotion and yet happiness eludes him. Catherine’s story couldn’t be any more different from Trevor’s. Catherine has fierce difficulty getting her life together. She has a very serious drug addiction, one that sees her take a hit daily . She pays for both her rent and her drug fix by using her body.. Her only source of income is the little handout she gets from her father on a monthly basis. When both Trevor & Catherine are both contemplating ending it all they both come into knowledge of the True Light Survivor helpline and upon getting the invite to a Society meeting they find each other.

The story unravels from there as the duo ultimately find happiness together at a time when they are both planning their own deaths but this happiness comes at a cost as they are now the centre of attention. They realize they have been duped by Joe Senior and that having signed a contract they may be resigned to killing themselves. However they are determined not to go down without a fight and stand up to Joe Senior who is irate that two of his society members have fallen for each other. He sends his cronies to put an end to their newfound relationship but are his attempts successful?

The Society for the Remarkable Suicide is an incredibly moving book. It begins with a sense of awe and depression but the real rewards come as you get further into the story. The more you divulge the magnificent writing of Coffey and the artwork of his team the more compelled and fascinated you become to learn more. A great story awaits, with twists that one can’t foresee.

Coffey and his team deserve the plaudits for their masterful control of a touchy subject. If you are looking for a break from normality and a story that will play with your emotions from start to finish then pick up a copy of The Remarkable Society For Suicide.

The contents in this article and comic do not represent Irish News Review’s stance on suicide.

The Best Of What’s Left

Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights has made a welcome addition to the Irish comic book scene with a two part special entitled The Best Of What’s Left.

The well thought of storylines are brought to life in splendid visual format thanks to the artwork of Mike Kennedy but it is the distinctively Irish aspect of this comic that will enthuse fans.

Issue One begins with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovers that 90% of the world’s superhero population has been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker.

The General quickly sets about pulling together the remaining superheroes in a bid to capture The Broker before his crime spree gets out of control. The only superheroes remaining are a collective group of Irish misfits who are tasked with tackling The Broker, who stole all of the Mega Human weapons in order to auction them off.

With no other opportunities available General Blake is enforced to enlist the services of these misfit superheroes who were deemed too low to pose any threat to The Broker and as such he spared the superheroes, who from this day forth will be known as The Celtic Knights.

Issue Two sees The Celtic Knights swing into action with Fire, Ice, Rapid, Junker and Co heading to the Petro Tech Plant to tackle the villains and try and retrieve a laptop which boasts key intelligence.

The superheroes face a fierce battle but eventually overcome the odds, retrieving the laptop and destroying the villain’s sizeable stash of weaponry. The Broker’s cronies are far from impressed as we see his right hand woman unleash fury on her failed comrades. The Celtic Knights return to  HQ with Junker critically injured and in need of an operation.

With their first mission successfully completed, bigger things lie ahead for The Celtic Knights who must venture across the Irish Sea to the root of evil, Wales.

General Blake reveals how the Welsh underground is re-emerging thanks to The Broker, who unleashed an act of astounding evil on the human race by airing Torchwood, the hit TV show starring John Barrowman.

Alas we meet The Broker at The Millenium Stadium where he is welcoming his soldiers of capitalism and preparing them for the upcoming war.

Back in Dublin, the life of Junker is hanging in the balance and General Blake is forced to tell General Crab to inject The Serum into the fallen superhero as his life may depend on it. Meanwhile The Celtic Knights are briefed that The Broker is planning a big auction to flood every major city with bargain priced guns.

The issue ends on something of a cliffhanger as the only other Irish superheroes The Celtic Tigers are found dead and The Celtic Knights prepare to avenge their deaths by readying for battle.

All in all this two part introduction to Coffey’s creation is both powerful and creative. The artwork is second to none and helps bring our newfound superheroes to life. 2012 is certainly a year to whet the appetite of comic book fans as superheroes such as Spiderman and Batman take to the big screen for their widely anticipated films. But any comic book fan or superhero lover suffering withdrawal symptoms from such Hollywood blockbusters is likely to be enthralled by The Celtic Knights.


Celtic Knights

What happens when 90% of the World’s Superheroes have been killed or have gone into hiding?

You scrape together all the Z-List Heroes that you can get your hands on and hope that they can

save the World from the greatest threat there has ever been… The Welsh!

This is the premise for Celtic Knights, the Irish superhero comic from the writer of The Society

for the Remarkable Suicide. Celtic Knights is an all ages comic, so anyone from the age of 10 can go into Dublin City Comics or Forbidden Planet Dublin throw down their €3 and buy a copy.

The only Heroes that are left on the planet are Irish, every single hero in Celtic Knights is Irish

(some of them adopted as Irish as they are from a Galaxy far far away).

The Broker, the evil mastermind weapons dealer is behind the chaos, and he has his heart set on some prime real estate as his new headquarters… namely Ireland. If no Heroes can be found to stop him, The Broker and his minions will take over The Emerald Isle.

Full of action and comedy Celtic Knights is an ongoing comic series that leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next issue. Issue 1 and 2 is now on sale and issue 3 is coming soon, and introduces a new character, but you’ll have to wait for that!

Stephen Coffey