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The First Annual Academy Of Super Hero Film Awards

No matter how you feel about it, Thor : The Dark World was the final super hero/comic film in one of the biggest years for super films ever, still not a patch on last year but it was never going to be. Knowing that and seeing as we’re heading into award season I felt that now was the time to take 2013’s best comic films and dole out awards in the same categories as the Academy Awards but limit the field to comic book movies. Please comment below with your criticisms of my picks and feel free to pick your own. Oh and if you can pretend Kevin Smith is hosting it too that would be great.

Best Actor – Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine)

ImageThis was probably the closest call I had to make when compiling my list. On one hand we had Henry Cavill turning in a star making performance in Man of Steel, one which is going to walk him into a lot of high profile movie roles. On the other we had Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey JR and Chris Hemsworth returning to the roles they made famous but in grittier sequels. Even though I feel Cavill is the best acted Superman (not the most iconic yet though), I feel overall Hugh Jackman gave the best performance as a super hero this year. He took all the great features we have loved from his Wolverine over the past 13 years and added new layers of pain, regret and realism. It was his best outing as the razor clawed mutant and was the perfect precursor to the amazing looking X-men : Days Of Future Past. Continue reading

Thor: The Dark World



I personally am a massive comic book fan, especially Marvel comics. My top 20 favourite films mainly consist of gritty noir films, art house independents and cult classics. However the real exception to this trend would be Avengers Assemble which I can safely say is the most enjoyable movie I have ever seen. The first time I saw it was genuinely one of the most exciting and brilliant experiences of my life. I enjoyed it more than any of my birthdays and any Christmas day ever. I realize how pathetic that may sound but its the truth. So naturally you imagine I would be very excited for Thor: The Dark World. I was and I wasn’t.

Any super hero movie gets me excited. Guardians Of The Galaxy are C list at best super heroes who have a movie coming out in 2015 and I have been actively excited since August 2013 when it was announced. However I was reserved with my expectations going into Thor for one reason … Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 is an actually pretty well liked movie and was a huge success for Marvel studios however I hate it with a passion. I won’t get into the details of my deep hatred now but it has to be noted it left a poor taste in my mouth and left me skeptical about Thor 2. Well the movie finally came along and it has re-affirmed my faith in the church of Marvel. Continue reading

Film Review – The Wolverine


©Gandalf (Flickr)
This is the Wolverine movie you are looking for

Memories of the muddled mess that was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” way back in 2009 may still be fresh in our minds, but that hasn’t stopped Hugh Jackman and newcomer to the series, director James Mangold, from attempting once again to provide the knife fingered mutant the solo spotlight in his own movie. And believe it or not, they’ve succeeded and “The Wolverine” is possibly one of the finest comic book movies yet. Continue reading

Batman And Superman To Unite In Film Spectacular

Warner Bros. Studio has revealed plans to unite Superman and Batman in one movie. Director Zack Snyder will bring together the two superheroes on the big screen for the first time.

Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. The movie is set to begin production in 2014 and will release in 2015. Continue reading

Celtic Knights Issue 3 Leaves Heroes On Brink

 Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights is back for a third edition having garnered much interest among the Irish comic book faithful. Prepare to be dazzled once again by the artwork of Mike Kennedy.

The comic resumes in the third part of the four pronged The Best of What’s Left series.

Issue One began with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovered that 90% of the world’s superhero population had been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker. Continue reading

Worst Superhero Movies Ever


Fresh from completing his latest comic book venture “Velvet”, author Stephen Coffey reveals his worst superhero movies ever having already paid tribute to the greatest  ever made.

As Superheroes are expected to dominate this years box office, with Superman returning to our silver screens under the name Man of Steel (I’m sure that at some point someone in Hollywood will place Superman before that title, in case people don’t realise that it’s a Superman movie, sigh). With Thor 2, Iron Man 3, and GI Joe 2 coming along it’s time we look back at some of the low points of the Superhero/Comic movies that have assaulted our eyes.

As with my top ten this list is based on the movies that I have seen and are in no particular order.  I won’t respond to any comments or arguments, this is my list and my opinion, you are as always entitled to your own.  Continue reading

Top Ten Superhero Movies

When I was asked to compile this list of the top ten Superhero movies, it left me perplexed.  Should I write down the box office hits?  Anyone can look that up on or should I write down the fan favourites?  Truth be told EVERY Comic Book and Superhero fan would have a different 10 movies and in a different order.

So, since this is my article and since I have my own top ten that is what you are going to get. Continue reading

The Best Of What’s Left

Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights has made a welcome addition to the Irish comic book scene with a two part special entitled The Best Of What’s Left.

The well thought of storylines are brought to life in splendid visual format thanks to the artwork of Mike Kennedy but it is the distinctively Irish aspect of this comic that will enthuse fans.

Issue One begins with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovers that 90% of the world’s superhero population has been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker.

The General quickly sets about pulling together the remaining superheroes in a bid to capture The Broker before his crime spree gets out of control. The only superheroes remaining are a collective group of Irish misfits who are tasked with tackling The Broker, who stole all of the Mega Human weapons in order to auction them off.

With no other opportunities available General Blake is enforced to enlist the services of these misfit superheroes who were deemed too low to pose any threat to The Broker and as such he spared the superheroes, who from this day forth will be known as The Celtic Knights.

Issue Two sees The Celtic Knights swing into action with Fire, Ice, Rapid, Junker and Co heading to the Petro Tech Plant to tackle the villains and try and retrieve a laptop which boasts key intelligence.

The superheroes face a fierce battle but eventually overcome the odds, retrieving the laptop and destroying the villain’s sizeable stash of weaponry. The Broker’s cronies are far from impressed as we see his right hand woman unleash fury on her failed comrades. The Celtic Knights return to  HQ with Junker critically injured and in need of an operation.

With their first mission successfully completed, bigger things lie ahead for The Celtic Knights who must venture across the Irish Sea to the root of evil, Wales.

General Blake reveals how the Welsh underground is re-emerging thanks to The Broker, who unleashed an act of astounding evil on the human race by airing Torchwood, the hit TV show starring John Barrowman.

Alas we meet The Broker at The Millenium Stadium where he is welcoming his soldiers of capitalism and preparing them for the upcoming war.

Back in Dublin, the life of Junker is hanging in the balance and General Blake is forced to tell General Crab to inject The Serum into the fallen superhero as his life may depend on it. Meanwhile The Celtic Knights are briefed that The Broker is planning a big auction to flood every major city with bargain priced guns.

The issue ends on something of a cliffhanger as the only other Irish superheroes The Celtic Tigers are found dead and The Celtic Knights prepare to avenge their deaths by readying for battle.

All in all this two part introduction to Coffey’s creation is both powerful and creative. The artwork is second to none and helps bring our newfound superheroes to life. 2012 is certainly a year to whet the appetite of comic book fans as superheroes such as Spiderman and Batman take to the big screen for their widely anticipated films. But any comic book fan or superhero lover suffering withdrawal symptoms from such Hollywood blockbusters is likely to be enthralled by The Celtic Knights.