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Technology Does Not Bully Others, People Do.

me at afterpartyLast August I was asked to join the cast of hit TV show Tallafornia for a few days. While chatting to fellow cast member Jay on the phone, he told me there was a heat wave in Santa Ponsa and the villa we would be staying in had a swimming pool. The villa also had its own private walk-way down to a stone balcony which had an amazing view of the ocean.  I couldn’t wait to get over there, Jay was having a great time and I thought I may as well have some fun in the sun. Continue reading

More Than Meets The Eye

aisMy Tallafornia debut came about after Jay gave me a call asking me would I be interested in coming over to Santa Ponsa In Spain for a few days and I agreed. We were friends before the show so I was glad to know someone before I flew over. I featured briefly in the show last series so I knew what it was all about. I was also curious to learn more about the show as I am from Tallaght and knew Jay so I watched all of the last series.

I went into Tallafornia having achieved a lot in my life already. Viewers still don’t know a lot about me. I have an honours degree from Maynooth. I studied theology and history and also music for a year. I have a CELTA cert accredited by the University of Cambridge making me a fully qualified English language teacher. I am a lifeguard, swim coach, supervisor and sports camp co-ordinator during the summer and I also play the piano having done grades with the Royal Irish academy of music. So I went into Tallafornia wishing to achieve one thing. I would like to raise awareness for cyber bullying, and the destruction it causes to people’s lives. It affects one in four females and one in six males and that number is only increasing every year. If I could achieve anything from being on Tallafornia that would be it. I am fully aware that Tallafornia has many viewers, therefore if I raising awareness even helps just one person then I’ll feel I have achieved my goal.

From my episode last week people have seen me teach Nikita how to swim. Teaching and helping others is just something that comes naturally to me. I am strong minded and make my own judgements and am a person that likes to help and encourage others through positivity and that is what people can expect from me. I am a person that is well capable of standing up for myself, I’m laid back and like to have a laugh.

I hope that as the series progresses people will come to know me better and understand that there is more to me than just a swimming instructor, as many of the papers have pointed out.


News in Brief: #Axethetax Among Top Headlines This Week

Meetings and protests explode across the country, #axethetax has taken off on twitter, poetic posters have been stuck to Dublin phone boxes – Stick your 100 euro charge up your arse – said one.

Phil Hogan has assured the public that non-payment of the household charge will not result in jail time. The punishment may only stretch as far as a ten euro surplus charge. 

Whilst RTE has been unable to issue similar to assurances to their top earning presenters who are set to face significant pay cuts. The broadcaster is attempting to offset a twenty million euro operating deficit by reducing presenters pay by up to thirty percent and closing its London office. A voluntary redundancy scheme has also been put in place. 

While The Irish Times runs a real time stream of household charge developments, an elephant ran amuck in Kerry. Sadly only one of these stories was illustrated by an image of Mick Wallace, independent TD for Wexford. 

Jedward were also running, recently completing a marathon with apparently no prior training. Gratefully the Grimes brothers are now back in Dublin, (we’ve missed them haven’t we?) no doubt for a spot on the Late Late. 

Or perhaps Tallafornia? The show’s producers have been inundated with applicants since announcing the launch of the second series of this ‘repulsive and compulsive viewing’. The new episodes will see the cast relocated to live communally in a villa, somewhere hot, sunny and far away where they will presumably be left. 

Jane McEvoy knows about communal living in the current series of The Apprentice. The only Irish contestant this year Jane has a lot to prove after the success of Jedi Jim Eastwood in the last series. Currently in business with Centra (featuring in their ad campaign with husband Gary) she’s so far proved a powerful opponent managing to evade the sack last week. We will have to keep watching to see how far she gets.

 The watching of the household charge, however will come to a close at midnight tonight, when we will find out exactly how many have registered and what will befall those who have not.

Tallafornia Is As Real As Reality TV Gets

The first series of TV3`s hit show Tallafornia has just finished up after gracing our screens for the past few weeks. With a second possible series in the pipeline, cast member Dave Behan reveals the truth about what goes on behind the scenes as he writes exclusively for Irish News Review.

When we first entered the house there was obviously a lot of nerves, none of us had ever been on TV before and we didn’t really know each other. I knew Cormac for about 10years but wasn’t that close to him. I knew Phil and Jay from the gym but only to say hi. We met the girls about a month before going into the house, there were initially four but one of the girls pulled out last minute, she was the worst looking so we didn’t mind to much!

My first impression of the girls was I thought Nikita was very cute, Natalie was defo a party girl and Kelly loved herself!

 The first day was a blur, we literally walked in the door and the cameras were switched on! there was no script we weren’t told what to do or say so like any Irish person we started to drink…a lot! It really helped us relax and forget about the camera so that’s when all the drinking games started and everyone got a lil freaky! People don’t know this but me and Kelly snuck off for a quick shower off camera, she pinned me in the bathroom and wasn’t taking no for an answer! We were actually kissing every night from day 1 but they eventually caught us after 3days of filming. I felt bad for her boyfriend at the time but that was her decision, it’s always up to the girl whether u score or not!

 The first 2 weeks flew in, every night was starting to roll into one, there was a lot of drink involved but there could have been more. Most nights we had to leave the clubs by 2am, the crowd would be getting locked by then and starting to get a bit rough! Every night we came back to the house we weren’t aloud have music on and the lights would be fully on for filming, its awkward bringing people back because of this but we got used to it!

 By week 3 and 4 you could see we were getting tired and people were getting run down, people were fighting over lil things. I think it was only me Kelly and Natalie who stayed in relatively good form, Nikita was shouting a lot, Philly was starting to get in everyone’s face, Jay was becoming very quiet and Cormac was just done with all of us…one of his quotes was “I have nothing to say to u guys” during one of the scenes which was funny!

 It’s funny looking back now because there’s a lot of footage left out for certain reasons, probably due to the X-rated nature of them. There was small cameras in all the rooms but they couldn’t use any of the footage, the quality wasn’t great thank god!…that’s where all the juicy scenes were, like me and Kelly hooking up, Cormac was with another girl they just didn’t show, so there was actually a lot more people didn’t get to see!  

To be honest I don’t regret anything, I don’t think I portrayed myself too bad, that’s me so you either like me or you don’t!

Everyone’s true colours came out after 3weeks, its real life people keep asking if it’s scripted…trust me it’s not!

The producers were trying to make a TOWIE/Jersey Shore type of show that’s why they don’t show all the sexy footage and why they show a lot of us doing normal stuff.

In all I can’t believe the response we are getting, people are running down the street after us, girls are nearly in tears when they meet you it’s funny becauses 3 months ago no one wanted to know you now apparently your one of the sexiest men ever…you just have to take it all with a pinch of salt!

 I really think Ireland needed a show like this, it’s easy watching it’s just a bit of fun and it shows that we also have people who look after themselves and take pride in their appearance and we are not just a bunch of paddys!

 I definitely think a season 2 would be very different, we would be way more relaxed and there would be no sitting on the fence on my behalf, your thinking at the time oh I don’t want them to see me saying anything bad about them but after seeing what the other cast had to say about certain things I know now what there really like!… I defo think there would be unbelievable drama and especially if they add in one or two more characters…but we’ll have to wait and see!

Dark Past Re-emerging in Tallaght As Turf War Erupts

It was once the place often at the end of many jokes, a not so picturesque suburb of Dublin and a place ripe with unemployment.

Times had changed in Tallaght. Crime was on the downturn and a regeneration seemed to be working well for all. Parts of the community changed for the better with high rise buildings, hotels and businesses all setting up shop in South Dublin.

Then of course there was the return of Shamrock Rovers to its spiritual home with its impressive new stadium. The success of the club further boosted the local economy as they went on to win back to back league titles and became the first Irish side ever to enter the Europa League group stages. High profile clashes against giants like Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur seemed inconceivable at one date yet they came to fruition much to the benefit of the local community.

The culture of life in Tallaght had become so immersed that TV3 even went as far as commissioning a reality TV show entitled Tallafornia. The concept which is based on that of MTV`s hit shows Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore depicts a typical lifestyle for seven party hard individuals. While the show has been condemned by many for its antics it has nonetheless proved a ratings winner for TV3.

But just as Tallaght seemed to have taken a turn for the better things radically changed that brought everything back into perspective.

Crime was minimal in the area until the shocking murder of innocent 16 year old Melanie McCarthy McNamara who was gunned down as she sat in a car with her boyfriend and two others on February 7th last.   Her killing has been blamed on an indiscriminate attack linked to a feud involving local groups with links to the Travelling community and disputes over drugs. It is widely believed that her boyfriend Christopher Moran was the intended target.

Gardaì have since recovered the murder weapon and two men from Athy in County Kildare are currently been held in relation to the murder which has brought back elements of fear and panic to this sprawling community.

Following the murder there has been a huge presence of armed Gardaì on the streets of Tallaght yet in recent nights there have been numerous shootings not too far away from the murder scene.

On Tuesday evening Gardaì were called to a scene at Bawnlea Avenue in the Old Bawn area of Tallaght where there had been reports of shots been fired. Two cars which were believed to have been involved in the incident have been recovered a long with a small number of shotgun cartridges. No arrests have been made.

Last night Gardaì where then called to another disturbance in Bawnlea where a number of shots were fired at a car which was unoccupied at the time. Local councillors and TD`s have been quick to admonish those involved citing that the local community is now living in fear of been caught up in this apparent turf war that has erupted.

The history of Tallaght is such that it has always been somewhat hostile yet that element of life seemed to have disappeared in previous years. However this recent spate of attacks including the gruesome murder of Melanie have shown that crime is never too far from the surface.

Gardaì and the local community must dramatically increase their efforts if they are to prevent any such atrocities occurring again. In this case though there is no short term solution to what has been a long term problem.