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News in Brief – Another Week , Another Scandal


NIB is currently sitting by a cup of cold coffee and some stale cream crackers (the glamour of working from home), Enda Kenny meanwhile is standing by the boss of Irish Water. Presumably he hasn’t got much on and just fancied a stand.

Tayto Park, home of the spud, has been banned from adding any new animals to its zoo after inspectors found “overweight” racoons and evidence of “inappropriate breeding”. Ohh err. Officials from the National Parks and Wildlife Service were following up on a previous ban in 2012 when animals were found to be stressed out and living in poor conditions. It is a theme park based around crisps let’s remember. On their return visit the inspectors were still not satisfied and Tayto have now been ordered not to add to their menagerie for the forseeable. The racoons will have to lay off the cheese and onion, as for the inappropriate breeding . . . Continue reading

News in Brief-Feck Your Honda Civic, I’ve Me Horse In The Carwash

horseAt the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin, students and bright young things of the future have been asking the difficult questions. Questions like, how do you know if a melon is ripe without cutting it open? Two young female students from Waterford have come up with a way of deciphering a melons ripeness by measuring sound waves as they pass through it to prevent that gut-aching awfulness of buying a bad fruit that obviously haunts us all. If that all sounds a bit too technologically advanced some students from Kildare Town are testing the ability of hamsters to show human affection. Awww.

In horse news “Never mind your Honda Civic, I’ve me horse in the car wash outside” is the new Wexford version of the Rubber Bandits song. Or it should be. A photo of a horse being power-hosed at a Bunclody garage has become an Internet hit after being captured by a local man and uploaded to Faceook where it’s got more than 2,500 likes. That wasn’t the horse news you were expecting was it?

Seventy-eight new jobs have been announced at Tayto Park. Up there with Glendalough and the Giant’s Causeway as one of Ireland’s premier destinations the land of Tayto founder, Ray Cole said: “Little did I envisage that in two years we would have welcomed 750,000 people to Tayto Park and all because people showed some interest in the bison we kept in the same field.” We do love our 100% Irish (*cough) beef.

In Cork they don’t take kindly to being called slappers. Or not, as the case may be. Samantha McCarthy, 21 and now living in Kilkenny has pleaded guilty to assaulting Garda Kieran O’Callaghan, being threatening and abusive and being drunk and a source of danger to herself or others. The incident occurred when McCarthy was arrested by Gardai for her part in an alleged assault. Whilst waiting for a car to take her to the cells, the drunk Miss McCarthy misheard Garda O’Callaghan when he questioned how she had got blood marks on her cheek and whether they were the result of a slap. Believing him to have called her a slapper – an affront to her dignity! – she slapped him. News in Brief would say that was a fair cop.

To the world of Showbiz and Niall Horan’s bum. The Irish contingent of One Direction is just back from a Comic Relief trip to Ghana with the rest of the boys where they witnessed poverty and deprivation which Niall shared with his five million followers on Twitter. His return hit a bum note though when he later asked on the social networking site: “Have a massive spot on my arse. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?” According to the young star his account had been hacked and this wasn’t a genuine concern.