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News In Brief: Benjy The Gay Bull’s Saved By Simpsons Creator

Irish post codes aren't allowed to be rude. What's the point? (image:

Irish post codes aren’t allowed to be rude. What’s the point? (image:

An Post have missed a trick with the new postcodes set to come in, apparently FECK won’t be eligible! Not even F1CK will be used. Apparently Eircode (imaginative name their lads) have been tasked with removing 90,000 possible offensive combinations for postcodes; including rude words or real names. In order to carry out this high-tech process the team bought online Scrabble and looked at all the three and four letter words. According to Liam Duggan of Capita Ireland who are behind it all, employees who performed the visual tests found some “unexpected things” like the fact two V’s next to each other look like a W. Jaysus who knevv?! Continue reading

Shakespeare In The City: Much Ado About Will

Monday saw the beginning of the Fifth Trinity College Dublin Shakespeare Festival, which runs until Saturday 8th at various venues around the city centre. The programme boasts proudly that ‘all the city’s a stage’ for this week in June. Over 200 performances are scheduled to take place including out-reach events in participating primary schools. Indeed, there is so much bardic activity this week, that you would need to make a real effort to avoid falling over someone in tights giving a speech. Purely in the interests of research of course, I have been venturing out and about with my trusty companions to brush up my Shakespeare. Continue reading