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Garth Brooks Cancelled, The Nation Will Suffer


Heads up, this is a personal opinion. This is a personal opinion of a Garth Brooks fan. Most importantly this is a personal opinion of a ticket holding Garth Brooks fan who is right now trying to control a blinding temper. Anyone who follows me on Twitter may have seen my analogy of this situation as resembling a child being given thousands of free sweets, but refusing them because his mother tells him he has to bin the wrappers himself. Sadly, I feel this analogy is completely accurate to the shambolic handling of the Garth Brooks debacle, which tonight has ended in the definite cancellation of the five gigs in Croke Park. Continue reading

Phoenix Park Revellers Can Learn Much From Hot Rod

rod-stewartPeople my age scoffed. “Why are you going to see Rod Stewart?” they asked me, their faces and squeaky inflection reflecting sheer confusion and genuine bewilderment. With Justin Timberlake having played here recently and The Killers and Mumford and Sons descending on the Phoenix Park this week many people my age seemed unable to comprehend why anyone would opt to go see an ageing performer when they could simply wait and bask in the festival atmosphere that is sure to descend upon the Phoenix Park this weekend. Why, they persisted, did I choose to see a man facing the onset of his seventies over artists whose songs were all released while I was actually a living breathing occupant of the world? Continue reading

Celebrating Deadly Art – When Zombies & Dinosaurs walk the streets of Dublin

A month ago Dublin witnessed a horde of zombies rising from the dead to celebrate two worthy causes, the Irish Cancer Society and Barnardos. This deadly bunch dressed in amazing costumes was prowling from St. Stephens Green to Temple Bar to raise money and ultimately celebrate life.

It is the third year that Dublin is gathering its dead to raise a much needed contribution to a humanitarian cause. An estimated 5 000 zombies were seen crawling their way and moaning through the streets of Dublin from 2 pm and well into the night.

Deteriorating rapidly has never been more popular at the moment.

But if you didn’t enjoyed the experience of walking amongst the dead, you can always try to walk amongst another sort of giant dead.

Yesterday, on September the 19th, Dublin  was welcoming another set of awe-inspiring life-size deadly beasts. Tyrannosaurus Rex and his pals will return to stalk the land after 65 million years of absence on earth.This welcome won’t last long. Only 4 days.

Global Creatures in association with BBC Worldwide Ltd have put together an amazing WALKING WITH DINOSAURS worldwide tour at the O2 arena to celebrate the life of these captivating monsters. Ticket prices range from €24.90 to €46.00, available from Ticketmaster.

So if you have missed the deadly domination of zombies this week you can always catch up with the 200 million year domination of dinosaurs next month. You will get to see another set of deadly monsters walk, you’ll hear them roar and come face to face as they fight for survival and supremacy in Dublin.

Where: Arena Dublin Live, O2 Arena.

When: 19th-23rd of November 2012.

Photograph by L.A Speedwing.