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Five Films That May Have Slipped Through Your Radar


The most anticipated film of the summer, Guardians of the Galaxy, makes its debut this week. While Guardians will undoubtedly enjoy the same success as this year’s previous blockbuster hits such as The Lego Movie, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the more recent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, it is worth taking a look at some of this year’s lesser know cinematic entries.

The film industry currently churns out more big screen outings a year than ever before, which sadly means we have to trawl through mountains of sparkly vampire love stories and Michael Bay presents too-many-explosions-for-its-own-good movie fluff, to uncover the real diamonds in the rough. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because since the invention of the internet, others can do the trawling for you and tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Continue reading

Top 5 Movies You’ve Never Seen

We’ve all seen them, those DVDs sat on the shelf in Xtra Vision that you’ve never heard of, or the oddball yarn you come across when you’re channel surfing late at night (or even early in the morning!) But we have a tendency to ignore these movies through lack of recognition and unfortunately this can lead to missing out on some real gems. Below is the Irish News Review Top 5 Movies You’ve Never Seen:

5 – Orange County
Ok so this one isn’t entirely under the radar. With a cast that includes John Lithgow, Jack Black and Colin “Son of Tom” Hanks, but it has unfairly disappeared without a trace after an underwhelming release. OC however stands as one of the finest coming of age comedies since John Hughes nailed the genre in the eighties.

4 – 52 Pick Up
First things first, if anyone watches this on my recommendation, it hasn’t aged well! Made in the eighties, it let’s you know this fact all the time! That aside though it’s a gem, Roy Scheider is excellent as the LA rich kid being blackmailed into coughing up cash for his wife’s safe return, who decides to take the situation into his own hands. A classic.

3 – Eden Lake
Like Orange County, Eden Lake wasn’t exactly under the radar but were it not for Michael Fassbender’s meteoric rise it would’ve been much smaller. Fassbender and Kelly Reilly star as a young couple who’s romantic day by the lake gets turned upside down by a group of psychotic Chavs. Not one for the squeamish but solid proof that for psychological horror, nobody does it better than British filmmakers.

2 – Right At Your Door
Released when the TV show 24 was at its peak, and made by the same production crew, Right At Your Door is for taut thrillers what Star Wars is for sci fi. A dirty bomb has detonated in downtown LA and residents are told to seal themselves on their houses. Brad does so extremely efficiently but when his wife Lexi makes her way back to the house he is left with the worst possible moral dillema. For one of the finest twist endings ever seen this sits proudly at second place.

1 – I Went Down
Believe it or not, there was once a time when Irish cinema looked like it would be able to consistently stand up to its American and European contemporaries. The finest example of this is this gem which is more than admirably held together by Conor McPherson’s razor sharp writing. Brendan Gleeson and Peter McDonald star as two debtors sent on assignment to Cork, and from there the greatest Irish movie,and arguably best ever road movie, made unfolds. Thankfully it has finally hit DVD, watch it and love it!

So hit up YouTube and check out the trailers and you won’t be stuck for something to watch next movie night!