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Six Nations 2015 – Heaslip Returns For Welsh Showdown


Freak. There’s no other word to describe Jamie Heaslip in relation to his healing abilities. We won’t complain, but many others would be out of their desk job for six months but here he is, the sole change from the team that beat England two weeks ago, ready to take the field in the Cardiff cauldron. Schmidt has made only enforced changes this Six Nations when you might think variety and choice are crucial in winning a championship – conservatism or wisdom? Continue reading

Six Nations 2015 – Ireland On Course For The Ultimate Prize


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The chariot has been derailed and Ireland remain unbeaten. Such was the plethora of wins Ireland experienced over England before 2012 that seems strange to write with such enthusiasm but it has to be appreciated for what it means. How did they do it? Well it’s more than worthwhile taking a look.

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Six Nations 2014 – One Glorious Day


Why can’t we ever do things the easy way? Sexton off with his neck braced, a French penalty opportunity thankfully swinging wide, a missed touch finder, a moment of panic from Kearney, a turned scrum. This titanic struggle had every feature that usually leads to an Irish loss yet for once we actually got the rub of the green. Just another demon Joe Schmidt has exorcised I suppose.
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Six Nations-Ireland Still Lead The Charge, But With New Contenders


All of a sudden, the competition is back on. After round three of the Six Nations, four teams now stand a realistic shot at the title. The Slam is gone, and only England remain contenders for the Triple Crown, but how long has it been since a loss for Ireland at the half way point wasn’t the death of their chances?

It barely felt like a loss, even post match Joe Schmidt and Paul O’Connell could have been exceptionally more downbeat than they were. Ireland’s more than comfortable points difference means that though the Slam is gone they’re still hot favourites for the trophy. They lost some of their composure on Saturday, a notable example being the eighty minute uncharacteristic off day from Sexton, but still it was a game won and lost by the smallest of margins, and England were on fire. Continue reading

Six Nations 2014 – More Blind Faith Or A Real Shot For Ireland?

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Every year it’s always the same. Our year, things are different, did you see them in the November Series? Yet for the last four years Ireland have brought only one thing to the Six Nations, inconsistency. 2010, we were following up an unbeaten year and finished second, but from there it has been near torture for fans. Multiple implosions in 2011, a lack of force in 2012 and of course the near wooden spoon of 2013, it has been tough being an Irish rugby fan. So then is this faith in the Schmidt era based on solid thought, or is it simply that it just couldn’t get any worse? Continue reading

A Victory Worth Savouring

We met up on the first weekend in January to start our preparations for the 2013 RBS Six Nations.  It was great to see all the old faces (no retirements) and plenty of new faces too.  It was clear from the first session that there was going to be great competition for places.  On the weekend sessions we would do two pitch sessions a day and then you would have an array of meetings.  It can be quite intense and tiring both physically and mentally.

On the third weekend of camp the management decided to surprise us with a squad trip, we thought maybe paintballing or go-karting, no it was a trip to do some army training in the Curragh Camp.  Again this was physically and mentally draining but surprisingly enjoyable.  On the final weekend prior to the competition we played Spain in a friendly, we won the game but for us it was more about our systems and seeing if they were effective.  We still had a lot to do prior to the Wales game.  Continue reading