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Summer Of Culture At The Castle

Dublin Castle Summer Season 2014

This summer, Dublin Castle seems to be trying to be a one-stop cultural feast. The OPW site is as usual playing host to the sand sculptures exhibition but there’s lots more besides marvelling at Duthain Dealbh’s incredible sand creations. This year children will have the opportunity to build sculptures at the castle and win a prize into the bargain. Prizes will also be on offer for winners of the ‘Family Trail’ challenge on July weekends. Amidst all of the summer revelry, an event at the Chapel Royal commemorates the centenary of the beginning of World War I, ‘Music, poetry, songs and propaganda from both sides, this 50 minute drama will inform, move, surprise and perhaps even amuse’. The War of Words is at 7.30 pm on 28 July and tickets are €6 from Continue reading

Franz Ferdinand Throw Down Some Indie Rock At The Olympia


The first time Scot rockers Franz Ferdinand came upon my radar was back at Oxegen in 2004. It was back at a time where dance music took a backseat at festivals and the 4/5 piece rock outfit reigned supreme, with these guys leading the way along with the likes of Razorlight and The Killers. Nowadays, Franz Ferdinand and most others are relegated to playing for dedicated pockets of fans in venues like the Olympia, or unappreciated slots such as Electric Picnic last year, and going on last night’s performance they’re all the better for the former. Continue reading

News in Brief-Cruise Is A ‘Nob As Enda Assembles Egg Deterrent Army

Tom Cruise is a Nobber! It’s true, it’s true, he apparently has ancestral links back to the town in County Meath (whose name isn’t funny at all). Not only that but it seems Cruise could be a distant relation (with a capital DISTANT) to our dear Ryan Tubridy, now Tubs has had his wages cut perhaps Tom could lend him a few euro.

Misquoting, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake’ Stephen Dedalus said in the wake of the production of the celebratory silver James Joyce coins. Featuring a line from Joyce’s great work Ulysses the €10 coins (which cost €43) released by the Central Bank have had to be withdrawn and an embarrassed apology offered after an extra word was added. Honestly, next they’ll be putting in punctuation. Perhaps the sculptor who designed the coins was demonstrating her own stream of consciousness? Continue reading

New Year: New reading challenge!

irelandAt this time of year, we are all thinking of new beginnings and resolutions. I have been looking around at a few bloggers who really have their teeth into the New Year to an unusual extent. These writers have not merely made a few resolutions; they have set challenges for themselves and they encourage us to join them in their efforts to scale new heights. I thought I would feature in my piece a couple that I have bookmarked for my own interest.

While I am fascinated by the wide variety of challenges, it is the reading or writing ones that are dearest to my heart. On my trawl through Google’s rich archives, I came across an American blog site run by book and film enthusiast Carrie Kitzmiller, which is a veritable treasure trove of literary challenges. Books and Movies!  blog site has one challenge in particular that might appeal to the discerning readers of this news site and that is the 2013 Ireland Challenge (now in its fourth year).

The details are broadly as follows: the challenge runs from January 1st – December 31st and any book with an Irish connection and in any genre qualifies for the challenge. Apparently, re-reads are allowed (which is very generous I think) and you can count any book read for this challenge towards another challenge if you so wish. Interested book lovers just need to register on the site and can upload reviews (and link to their own blogs) as they go along.

Finally, there is a graded commitment scheme so you just choose your level of participation and away you go. For example, the lowest level is Shamrock at four books read, moving up to ten books and more read for the Ceilidh challenge. I assume that you could aim cautiously and then upgrade if you were flying through your James Joyce. Mind you, I feel that Ulysses probably ought to count as more than one book due to sheer size!

If you are more of a writer than a reader (though I admit most writers read and vice verse) you could do a lot worse than check out Irish writer Alison Wells’ Head Above Water blog site for some early year therapy. Alison has begun a series of thirty-one blog posts designed to help with getting your creative juices flowing (and keeping them flowing). Each post will ‘explore ways of keeping our head above water in physical, mental, emotional and creative areas’, as Alison writes in the introduction to her blog series.

Each post will give you something to think about, something to reach for or suggest sources for inspiration. For instance, on the January 6th post Alison gives a link to a Ray Bradbury interview on tips for young writers. There you will find plenty of food for thought from an expert writer. Keep checking back over the rest of January to see what else Alison comes up with to inspire and encourage your creative muse.

Check out the links given in the text for more information.