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Five Simple Ways To Shrink Your Stomach


Did you know that abdominal fat is the most dangerous type of fat stored in the body? Excess stomach fat predisposes people to various medical conditions such as Cancer, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes- to mention just a few. Indeed, a large waistline can make clothes shopping a nightmare and can ruin your confidence. While the government have made great efforts in tackling obesity in Ireland, it still remains a big concern. The World Health Organisation has forecasted that Ireland is on course to be the fattest country in Europe by 2030.

Here’s five tips that will help you shed stomach fat in an easy yet effective manner.

1. Mindset
Having the right mindset will set you on the right track to success. A positive attitude is vital in assisting your weight loss plan. If you don’t believe you can lose weight, you never will.
Stay motivated and focused by setting realistic achievable goals and work hard to achieve them. Visualise your toned trim tummy as a motivational factor in shedding the pounds.
Monitor and re-evaluate progress regularly by notebook keeping. Don’t forget to reward yourself and have fun on your track to slimming down. Continue reading

I Couldn’t Stand Back, I Will Help 42 Stone Man Lose Weight

rd1Ritchie Doyle’s life is a little different from what you would call “normal”. At 42 stone and with a BMI above 75, Ritchie is what medics would class as Super-Morbidly Obese. In reality, most individuals would be dead long before they would ever get to this stage of obesity. Ritchie now relies on carrying an oxygen tank around with him and he can no longer climb up his own stairs, meaning that he now sleeps on his living room floor.

At Ritchie’s current weight, doctors have advised that performing a gastric band procedure on him is far too risky. As a result of this, Ritchie has been told to lose weight before he will be considered. He has no help to do this and due to his size, he finds even the slightest exercises almost impossible to carry out. Continue reading

The Dark Places Where Excuses Lead…

  • avoid_alcohol_and_cigarettes_image_title_hjlzy ‘It’s Sunday morning (or evening to decent society). The curtains are closed but even the small slivers of light that get through are proving painful. My stomach is turning and so is the room, I’m enclosed in cold sweats and nausea. There is one more feeling present that overides all others; damning shame. Four weeks of work put in jeopardy by inconvenience leading to procrastination, procrastination leading to frustration, frustration leading to self pity, self pity leading to here..’ Continue reading

Roads Can Only Lead Where Men Have Laid Them

we‘There is nothing new to men lifting heavy things to make them stronger. There is also nothing new to men lifting extra heavy things to make them injured. Egotism can be an awesome drive to fitness improvement, but it also can be the downfall to ruin and pain when we do not know our limits. There is a huge amount of knowledge out there about training from those who have been there and done that, either with their own training over a great period of time or training many others. In my first few weeks of training the greatest skill I have learned is to stop and listen, it has saved me time and my body.’

  Continue reading

The Glorious Pain

There is a part of my brain that awakens and remembers – push on, don’t stop, it will end. My legs have long gone to rubber and it feels like I’m dragging my drunk and rowdy lower half through a painful session it has no interest in completing. But the brain, the brain has remembered, and it has no intention in stopping now. It may be only week 2 but the cruel edge of the internal competitor has laid down the law – we are here until the end. Continue reading

Turning Point…

Habit is a two-edged sword. It can provide us with a work week of stability and income, a sense of comfort and security that we all need to be happy. Habit can also strengthen excuses for a lifestyle routine that deep down we neither desired nor wish to continue…

It was somewhere around the fourth pint on another Sunday night when I realised I didn’t like the way things had become. I saw ahead to a tomorrow morning of a near-empty wallet, strangling hangover and fast food wrappers. We all have points when we twig to the idea that our lifestyle had become a habit rather than a desired existence, this was mine. Continue reading