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News In Brief: Leaving Cert, Dirt And Horse Hurt

Just a man, in his pants, rolling turf (Image:

Just a man, in his pants, rolling turf (Image:

A Donegal GAA team stopped their bus on the way home from a match this week, not because the lads needed to make use of nature’s services, but to help a man turn his turf in Galway. Despite having lost their match against a Donegal team, the junior semi-finalists were feeling charitable, with 30 of them as well as management and helpers hopping off the bus to lend a hand. Ahh lads as if you weren’t already the golden glow in Irish mammies hearts.

They may have offered the RTE lads a lift though! Turns out RTE staff have been told to ‘get the bus’ in an effort to slash the broadcaster’s spending. Apparently the news room is pretty peed off about it, as they’ll no longer be able to book taxis to take them to their “important meetings” (read as expense account lunches). Don’t expect to be moving over for Sharon Ni Bheolain though she only travels by unicorn and magic carpet. Continue reading

A Meeting of the Popes

Due to the simple fact that a Pope is only elected after the previous one has passed away, two Popes meeting is an extremely rare occurence. But the unprecedented encounter happened earlier today; Pope Francis met with the Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI.

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Lady Who Destroyed A Fresco Sells A Painting For €1,000

Do you remember that little old Spanish lady who tried to restore a nineteenth century fresco, and ended up destroying it? Well, she’s managed to sell one of her own paintings … for a thousand euro.

Cecilia Gimenez sold an original piece on eBay, after over fifty people bid on it. She plans to donate the money to a Catholic charity. Gimenez had previously tried to get payment for the work she did on ruining fixing the fresco of Jesus Christ, because she felt she had turned it into a tourist attraction. After the story went viral, the sanctuary in which the painting was being displayed began to charge for entry to view the fresco, and collected over two thousand euro; which Cecilia Gimenez feels she is owed a percentage of. She’s currently in discussion with her lawyers.

Here’s the painting she sold …

And here’s a before and after of the fresco she … ‘fixed’