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Wicklow Native Hozier To Perform On Ellen DeGeneres Show


Just two days after appearing on America’s prestigious David Letterman Show, Wicklow born musician Andrew ‘Hozier’ Byrne announces a slot on another chat show institution.

The singer broke the story on Twitter on Friday, referring to it as ‘dizzying news’. It’s no surprise considering that the twenty-four year old is yet to release his debut album. His heady rise to fame has been largely due to the two blistering and expansive singles ‘Take Me to Church’ and ‘From Eden’, both of which garnered intense radio play and a legion of fans. It’s hard to believe it’s not even a year since the first single became an over night hit thanks to Youtube. A winsome performance on RTE’s Other Voices series cemented his position as a new talent with a mature and soulful repertoire. Continue reading

How Big Businesses Use Emotional Power Of Logos


Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. You know what they mean. Some logos are so powerful that they don’t need to spell out their names, or that they transcend cultural borders. How can these simple, trivial little artworks inspire global familiarity with so many of them having become iconic? Because they’re not trivial or simple.

Iconic logos are masters of subtleties and understatements. In the infographic, we learn that logos carry sublime colour meanings. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Why luxury brands are usually black, white, or brown, while corporate logos are blue? Continue reading

Ireland’s First Ever Adult Animated Comedy Set To Launch


The first animated adult comedy series ever produced for Irish television kicks off on 3e tomorrow night.

Newsbag, created by Gerard Barrett, who describes it as a mix of South Park and The I.T Crowd, follows Moss, Lenny and Gig, who work for a dysfunctional Dublin-based online news website, Newsbag, run by a rich megalomaniac named Eric Dundee.

Together, the trio pursue hot news trends such as the wave of Twitter-addiction spreading across the country, Barack Obama coming to Ireland, the spud shortage that brings Ireland closer to another famine, Lenny being afflicted with piles, Moss getting kidnapped by a gang of priests to become King of the Priests…and much, much more!

Gig’s main quest in life is to find a long term girlfriend to love and cherish him. He has offered on numerous occasions to pay for this service, but as yet no one has accepted. Gig is a tech geek and everything he does involves technology, sometimes leading to devastating consequences.

Lenny is a big talker whose stories, usually concerning his sexual conquests, are more fantasy than reality. He’s a compulsive liar and as such, usually finds himself in dangerous situations. To sum him up; if Gig was on fire, Lenny would film it on his iPhone for YouTube and then tease him with a bottle of water.

Moss is the wide-eyed third member of the group and hails from a tiny island off the east coast of Ireland called InishPuffin. Moss finds it hard to keep up with the pace of life on the mainland and is generally two steps behind everyone else. Overall he’s a likeable chap, but socially inept.

Their boss Eric Dundee is a New Zealander who made a billion dollars inventing an apparatus for facilitating the rapid birth of a child by centrifugal force. He was paid a billion dollars to stop inventing by the United Nations and has decided to plough his billions into launching an online news company out of Ireland to avail of tax incentives.

Accompanied with an Irish sense of humour and dark wit, and written by an all-Irish writing team with an Irish voice cast, this show looks like the beginning of something remarkable.

In the series premiere, Moss joins the Newsbag team and is overwhelmed by the creepy welcome he gets from eccentric CEO Eric Dundee. Gig is ecstatic when his new Personal Attack app gets approved by Crapple but is equally depressed when Molly makes him move desk for Moss. Dundee breaks the news to staff that Obama is coming to Ireland for a state visit. He wants Moss to go cover it with Lenny. Gig tags along but during Obama’s speech his app goes off, causing the whole place to erupt in chaos. Obama then breaks away from his entourage to go and explore Ireland with the Newsbag trio.

TV3 Director of Content, Jeff Ford, said: “We are excited to be teaming up with Icehouse Media to bring 3e viewers Ireland’s first animated adult comedy series. This unique animation is a fantastic addition to the many home-grown programming and talent that TV3 Group supports. It also highlights the importance of the BAI fund which contributes to the continuous relationship between TV3 and the independent sector.”

Newsbag Creator, Head Writer & Executive Producer, Gerard Barrett, said: “It was always an ambition of mine to create a cartoon and set it in Ireland, so I came up with the concept of Newsbag and setting it around three friends working in an online news website in Dublin. It was the perfect setting for it and a great segue into potential storylines having it set around all types of news stories.”

Newsbag airs Saturday 12th October 2013 at 10pm on 3e.

Has Anybody Got a Ticket?

It happens every single year. All-Ireland Final day approaches, your local club is fresh out and every single one of your contacts has mysteriously disappeared at the same time. So you have to come face to face with reality – you simply haven’t got a ticket. However many enterprising individuals take their begging to the nation, and this year is no different. Dublin man Ray O’Brien, who has lived in Mayo for the past 12 years has recorded and uploaded his Song for Sam up on Youtube, where it’s already garnered almost 800 views.

And it’s not half bad either:

The Innocent Muslims?

The latest furore to shock and ignite the Muslim world into filling our streets with their complaints comes with the release or rise to prominence on Youtube of a film called ‘The Innocence of Muslims.’ In it, Islam and Muslims are portrayed quite negatively while it attempts to highlight the ‘hypocrisies of Islam.’ To be sure it isn’t a great work of art, and considering the allegations from the actors who maintain that Sam Bacile (a pseudonym for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) mislead them concerning the real plot and real character names while they were filming, the content is surely rather dodgy. But in the end this was simply some US man born in Egypt with a criminal record, a pet hatred of Islam and a love of Youtube. He was arrested by US police over attempts to lie about his role in making the film. And that was it. Done and dusted. Except, of course, for the massive overreaction from Muslims around the world who feel that because a non-Muslim doesn’t agree with their religion, he should pay.

There’s something very irritating about this reaction. Of course they have the right to express themselves publicly, as part of having a right to free speech, but the way it is so often done beggars belief. Masses of often violent protests in cities and countries around the world leading to quite a number of injuries and deaths. The familiar and now old catchphrase of ‘Death to America’ was tossed about in Kabul as peaceful protestors threw rocks at an army base there. Muslim leaders across the globe decried a ‘devilish act’ of blasphemy, though failing to really mention the free speech on which they themselves depend on to make their voices heard. On the 18th of September, a female suicide bomber drove a car filled with explosives into a mini bus containing foreign aviation workers, for the crime of being foreign and therefore linked to this video, not to mention several Afghan natives, responsibility for which was later claimed by Islamic militant group, Hizb-i-Islami. Evidently murder in the name of Allah is a reasonable reaction. Ireland, too, has seen a reaction from our Islamic community. Interestingly former editor of Irish Muslim magazine Abdul Hazeeb, speaking to the Irish Times, told of his reluctance to join the march, which he feels only serves to alienate wider society, and that he attended only to ensure it didn’t digress into violence, a statement quite telling in and of itself. To be sure, many Muslims will feel outraged without the need to kill somebody, involved or not. But should they feel so angered?

I’ve already mentioned the Catholic Church and the negative role religion has played in the formation of our world and society. Islam isn’t the only drain; certain forms of Christianity have had their part to play. And yet murder only seems to be a response from the Islamic world. Westboro Baptist Church represents extreme Christian fundamentalism, they too like their signs and extreme reactions yet murder isn’t a step they have taken yet to express a point. Not to tar all Muslims with the same brush – murder is a response from the fanatical few, but even the protests and marches are over the top. If this video, or those cartoons are so offensive, why are they looking at them? If you don’t like or agree with something, the best thing to do is ignore it. Is it just me or do these millions of protestors not realise that by reacting so angrily and so widespread they have and pumped up that which they hate with life, and simply making millions more people around the globe aware of it. Speaking personally, the first time I heard and watched the video came after I heard about the Muslim protests over its content. It’s been on the web since the 1st of July. Poorly shot with terrible acting and rarely making any form of sense, this should have simply slipped under the radar and into obscurity.

It’s quite easy to be blasphemous under Muslim law; the list of blasphemous items is as long as it is outdated. Evidently freedom of speech isn’t a major concern for those who prosecute their brethren or those unfortunate enough to have provoked their ire – individuals have been accused and prosecuted for naming a teddy bear after their prophet, speaking about what Muhammad might have done were he still alive (apparently ‘WWMD?’ bracelets aren’t a thing in Islam), finding fault with Islam (just as well these rules don’t apply to Catholicism or else our entire country might find themselves in the dock), being alone with persons of the opposite sex barring relatives or daring to wear makeup on television (presumably for women only).

Should we give in, and hold up our hands and say ‘yes, Muslim world. You are right. Free speech shouldn’t really be free.’ Should that be applied to freedom of religion, the two of which are so often entwined? What if we look at things from a different angle? Perhaps shouting and roaring bearing signs and placards which proclaim ‘The only God is Allah,’ is offensive to those who believe with similar fervour in different gods and different prophets? Will Islam champion their right to be offended? Or is it simply one rule for Islam, and another for everyone else? Islam doesn’t hold Jesus in the same regard as Christianity, refusing to acknowledge him as anything other than a prophet. Does Christianity shout and wail and riot and, at the most extreme end, suicide bomb?  And why does the right to religion triumph the right to free speech? Is one more important than the other? One of these has resulted in the deaths of millions of people over the centuries, the promulgation of hatred and killing in the name of God, despite what he might say on the matter. I’ll give you a hint. I’m not talking about freedom of speech. If we go down this road of picking and choosing what one is free to say and what one isn’t, we are taking a very dangerous path. If one thing can be censored then suddenly everything is up for review. Why is Islam so special that the world must bow down before them in fear every time they get their knickers in a twist over a laughably simple cartoon or Youtube video? If you believe that other religions are wrong then fine. If you believe that this video or those cartoons are wrong or insensitive or downright hateful then lovely. You’re not alone. Just react in the same way as the rest of civilised society and rant on the internet in the privacy of your own home. Save your time and effort for your faith and leave the rest of us alone.

Many will say that they can’t simply do that. According to blasphemy laws in Islam, the Muslim community is obliged to seek retribution owing to the fact that Muhammad is long dead and can’t exactly take revenge himself. But in reality, the overreaction to this perceived blasphemy doesn’t really have a basis in their scriptures. Neither the Quran nor Hadith makes any solid mention of blasphemy. What does make mention is Sharia law, man-made and which you might recognise from certain groups attempting to bring it into the west in place of our own, fair, laws. Ironically, the only mention made in their holy book says that blasphemers will be dealt with in the afterlife, so those living here on earth needn’t worry about it. Something evidently lost on those who throw stones and rocks, roar abuse and protest violently and shoot and kill in the name of retribution for a prophet who didn’t ask for any of this. Ironically (perhaps) while this is being written, Ireland still clutches on to the remnants of a past time with our own blasphemy law, which prohibits the ‘publication or utterance of blasphemous matter,’ blasphemous matter being that which insults anything held sacred by a religion and the result is mass outrage.

Believe in your God, live your life as best you can, follow the teachings of your religion if it makes you happy, live your life as an example to others because if you want to convert someone oftentimes what you do is as important as what you say. Somehow any such arguments will be lost on the masses who refuse to understand why the everyone in the West doesn’t love Islam as much as they do, and things are unlikely to change. If there’s anything we can take from this, it is this – let us all pray that the next figure to insult Islam is Justin Bieber. Nicky Minaj will do either.

Tea Song – the next big hit?

Tea – the number one beverage in Ireland. We love it. We really, really do. No meal is complete without a cup of tea, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. The McGetigans are a band made up of five “completely unknown day job men” from Wicklow and Dublin, and they love tea so much that they’ve written a song about it. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish lately – maybe you’ve over done it on the tea, or maybe you haven’t had enough – whatever the reason, you really need to sit down and have a listen. It is destined to be the next Breakfast Roll song, as far as I’m concerned. But then this article is not about me, it’s about Kevin O’Brien, the lead singer of The McGetigans (or the one behind the blue cup if you’ve seen the video). He explains the inspiration behind the song, “Well, we do like a lot of tea! It’s just one of those songs, kind of phrases you say like “I wouldn’t say no to tea” or “Who’s makin’ the tea?” and then we were just in the kitchen one day and we were sayin’ how we’d be negative about most things, especially politics and stuff like that, but ye know, the only thing we wouldn’t say no to is tea, and then somehow it just came together”.

The Tea Song is fast becoming a big YouTube hit, something the band hadn’t anticipated, “We weren’t expecting that at all! We knew we liked the song, and we kind of had one verse ready and we played it, but then a week ago we sat down and did the other two versus, then we were so excited that we finished the song we just quickly recorded ourselves playing in front of two cups of tea, stuck it on the net and asked our friends to share it and it’s been doing well since then!”

The band, which consists of Kevin, John Sweeney, Barry O’Dwyer, Brian Murphy and Brendan Lawless, is still fairly new. Kevin and John, the two in the video for the Tea Song, have played together for years, but they decided to properly form a band about a year and a half ago, “We actually formed a band, started playing gigs and recording properly. Last year was great – it’s kind of slowed down now – but we released a single last year and we played loads of gigs over the summer and all, but then, ye know, we didn’t make it famous or anything so we just sort of calmed down, and then winter happened and we kind of hibernated but we’re going to start playing more gigs and stuff like that again now”.

You might wonder about the name of the band, The McGetigans. There’s not one McGetigan in the band, so where did that come from? Kevin explains, “Basically, years ago I wrote a play that I never did anything with and it was called ‘God, The Devil and The Frustration of Old Man McGettigan’, and it was basically about a character who was a perverse old man in a pub down the country, and we’re all a bit pervy generally, as McGetigans, so the first song we wrote was about McGetigan, and so we just called ourselves The McGetigans, because we’re all pervy old man on the inside.” On their website, they explain the reason for misspelling McGetiggan, “None of the men upon which the character had been based were named McGettigan. So not only did these men adopt a surname that was not their own, but it was the surname of a person who didn’t even exist. For this reason they dropped one of the T’s to distinguish themselves from those with the rightful name McGettigan.” Ah, now it all makes sense…sort of.

Getting back to the issue at hand, Kevin is a milk and no sugar kind of man. Though, the debate between Lyons and Barry’s is something he doesn’t get involved in “Ah now ye see, I’m both, but, ye know, that’s one of those things. I just think the difference between Lyons and Barry’s is, with Barry’s; you have to leave the tea bag in for about 30 seconds longer to get the same quality tea. That’d be my personal opinion on it, but ye see, we don’t want to get involved in the politics of tea.”

He’s no hippy either, he has no time for any of that herbal stuff, “But Brian in the band, he’d drink green tea alright. Ye see, if you went through us all, we’d represent quite a lot of tea. We’re not PG Tips men or any of that. It’s between Lyons, Barry’s and then the lads might have their camomile tea or whatever, I’d knock ‘em about it but, they say it’s decent”. Despite their difference of opinion, Kevin is the one who makes the most tea for everyone in the band, “that’s just cause I’m a nicer person really”.

Tea is obviously a big part of Kevin’s life, but to what extent? Exactly how much tea must a man drink to be able to sit down and write a song about it? “If I’m not busy, I could have any amount of tea in the day. The only thing that stops me drinking tea is having to do other things. So I’d say, on average, in a normal working day, I’d have at least eight cups. Then on a day where I’ve nothing to do, I could have 12 or 13 cups of tea, no bother!” He likes the odd bourbon cream to go alongside his tea, or a digestive, “You can have anything with tea. Dip chocolate fingers in tea, or it’s great with a sandwich!”

You can find The McGetigans on Facebook, or their website – but if you’ve listened to the song you’ll know that they say no to Twitter. Why so? “Well we set up a Twitter, ‘cause we were told “You should set up a Twitter!”. But then we just sat there in front of it goin’, “What do we say?” and we didn’t know what to say so we didn’t say anything. And then we stopped being on Twitter because there was no point in being on it and not saying anything.”

So there you have it, a man about tea. Check out the video, you know you want to. Go on! Ah, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!

By Pauline Dunne