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Freddie White Live At The Mill Theatre


Two gigs in fifteen days, nothing wrong with that at all. As may have become obvious from the last review and anyone who has read my blog, I’m a Freddie White fan. But with gigs like Saturday’s in the The Mill Theatre, why wouldn’t I be, going above and beyond the Riverbank again to sit as one of 2014’s musical highlights thus far. Continue reading

News in Brief- “13” Reg Plates Set To Be Cancelled, Tall Ships In Town

The superstitious will be relieved to know the government is to bring in a new car licensing scheme in order to avoid ’13’ numbered licences. The Society of the Irish Motor Industry, SIMI, are reportedly concerned that the unlucky for some ’13’ number plates may significantly and negatively impact upon the car sales market. They will also be calling for a reduction in black cats, paths blocked by ladders and tougher glass in mirrors to prevent breakage.

          Beaches in Cork waved (ha!) goodbye to E.coli as previously polluted water has obviously been washed away. Mayor of County Cork, Cllr Barbara Murray was quick to get back in the water for the assembled press, to reassure tourists and locals alike the sea was safe again in Youghal. However life guards then advised the Mayor and her companions not to swim at the Front Strand causing confusion over the status of the water. Local swimmers also continued swimming ignoring the lack of EU standard blue flag, I wouldn’t be so . . . shore! (Haha!)
          E.coli isn’t the only thing in the sea with the launch of the Tall Ships race, part of the Tall Ships Festival, from Dublin Docklands this week. But it is the roads that will be most affected with motorists being advised to take public transport in and around Dublin.
          For the duration of the festival commuters will not be allowed to take bikes onto trains, Tara Street Dart Station will be closed on Sunday till 2pm, from 10.30 each morning and the red line Luas won’t stop at Connolly Street Station and some bus routes will be disrupted. Good luck with that then.
          Streets around the north and south docklands are also closed to traffic until Sunday night, including Custom House Quay, North Wall Quay, City Quay and Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. The Samuel Beckett bridge is also being closed during the day but will be open on midnight to 8am – party time.
          It’s Heritage Week! It’s raining! Hurrah! But don’t let’s be put off. From the 18th to the 26th August the country will celebrate its culture with demonstrations, days out and even archaeological digs. Channel 4 though has, to the relief of some and distress of others, cancelled the paragon of Irish culture that was ’My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.
          The documentary type programme first saw great success in viewing figures as well as for one protagonist – dress-maker Thelma Madine – but has since gone on to decline. Slated for exploiting the traveller community and amongst a slew of other ’gypsy’ programmes the series is finally coming to an end.
          Michael D Higgins however could be about to launch his screen career. The President has become an international superstar after a recording of his rant on the American Tea Party from 2010, on radio station Newstalk, has gone viral. Despite the recording being made two years ago when Higgins was a TD it seems it is only now has it been picked up by America.
          The link to the radio recording has now been tweeted all over the world including by actress Mia Farrow and with Michael D already a voice for the arts in Ireland perhaps an acting career is not far off. I can see it now, his screen debut, The Great Gatz-D.