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News In Brief: Joan’s Phone-Gate Ruins World Egg Day

Joan Burton demonstrates her own new phone (image:

Joan Burton demonstrates her own new phone (image:

It’s that time of the week again, NIB knows you all sit prostrate and silent waiting for your weekly News in Brief, well here it is.

It seems a week cannot pass without Joan Burton saying something stupid. This time it was water meter protestors who she said: “Seem to have extremely expensive phones, tablets, video cameras. There has been the most extensive filming in relation to any of these actions that I have ever seen anywhere. Hollywood would be in the ha’penny place compared to what’s done here.” Holy mother of God! How could they? They’re obviously all social-welfare scrounging, JobBridge dropouts aren’t they Joan?! People on the dole shouldn’t be allowed food let alone phones, the shtate this country’s in, if only we didn’t have to fund Joan’s massive salary, free top-of-the-range devices, car and fecking dry cleaning.

Meanwhile in the Dail they were discussing removing the morning’s opening prayer (do you ever think how mad it is that our politicians sit around and talk about shite for hours, just for the craic?) Of course it’s all just a cover for playground-politics and evading the real issues, but Clare Daly thinks saying a prayer in the morning is “offensive”. It is part of a wider battle to get a law from 1855 prosecuting blasphemy removed from the constitution. But Clare, if no-ones given a shite since 1855 why should we bother now? They’ll only have to reprint the whole constitution (probably on pretty pink paper with a laminated cover) before they decided there’s a law banning cutting your toe nails they want to scrap. Continue reading

Innovative Irish Sports App Makes International Awards Shortlist


An Irish-designed mobile app that enables sports coaches, scouts and analysts to assess the performance of individual players and teams has been shortlisted alongside Sky Sports, Wilson, Adidas in the inaugural Sports Technology Awards.

Sport Tagger has been shortlisted in the categories of Best Technology and Best Sports App in the international awards scheme, the first of its kind to celebrate the best and most innovative advancements within the sporting world.

Continue reading

Ireland’s First Ever Adult Animated Comedy Set To Launch


The first animated adult comedy series ever produced for Irish television kicks off on 3e tomorrow night.

Newsbag, created by Gerard Barrett, who describes it as a mix of South Park and The I.T Crowd, follows Moss, Lenny and Gig, who work for a dysfunctional Dublin-based online news website, Newsbag, run by a rich megalomaniac named Eric Dundee.

Together, the trio pursue hot news trends such as the wave of Twitter-addiction spreading across the country, Barack Obama coming to Ireland, the spud shortage that brings Ireland closer to another famine, Lenny being afflicted with piles, Moss getting kidnapped by a gang of priests to become King of the Priests…and much, much more!

Gig’s main quest in life is to find a long term girlfriend to love and cherish him. He has offered on numerous occasions to pay for this service, but as yet no one has accepted. Gig is a tech geek and everything he does involves technology, sometimes leading to devastating consequences.

Lenny is a big talker whose stories, usually concerning his sexual conquests, are more fantasy than reality. He’s a compulsive liar and as such, usually finds himself in dangerous situations. To sum him up; if Gig was on fire, Lenny would film it on his iPhone for YouTube and then tease him with a bottle of water.

Moss is the wide-eyed third member of the group and hails from a tiny island off the east coast of Ireland called InishPuffin. Moss finds it hard to keep up with the pace of life on the mainland and is generally two steps behind everyone else. Overall he’s a likeable chap, but socially inept.

Their boss Eric Dundee is a New Zealander who made a billion dollars inventing an apparatus for facilitating the rapid birth of a child by centrifugal force. He was paid a billion dollars to stop inventing by the United Nations and has decided to plough his billions into launching an online news company out of Ireland to avail of tax incentives.

Accompanied with an Irish sense of humour and dark wit, and written by an all-Irish writing team with an Irish voice cast, this show looks like the beginning of something remarkable.

In the series premiere, Moss joins the Newsbag team and is overwhelmed by the creepy welcome he gets from eccentric CEO Eric Dundee. Gig is ecstatic when his new Personal Attack app gets approved by Crapple but is equally depressed when Molly makes him move desk for Moss. Dundee breaks the news to staff that Obama is coming to Ireland for a state visit. He wants Moss to go cover it with Lenny. Gig tags along but during Obama’s speech his app goes off, causing the whole place to erupt in chaos. Obama then breaks away from his entourage to go and explore Ireland with the Newsbag trio.

TV3 Director of Content, Jeff Ford, said: “We are excited to be teaming up with Icehouse Media to bring 3e viewers Ireland’s first animated adult comedy series. This unique animation is a fantastic addition to the many home-grown programming and talent that TV3 Group supports. It also highlights the importance of the BAI fund which contributes to the continuous relationship between TV3 and the independent sector.”

Newsbag Creator, Head Writer & Executive Producer, Gerard Barrett, said: “It was always an ambition of mine to create a cartoon and set it in Ireland, so I came up with the concept of Newsbag and setting it around three friends working in an online news website in Dublin. It was the perfect setting for it and a great segue into potential storylines having it set around all types of news stories.”

Newsbag airs Saturday 12th October 2013 at 10pm on 3e.

Video Games – What’s The Obsession?


With the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 14 just around the corner and a week since Grand Theft Auto has been released I felt this article on video games and how easily you can become addicted to them was necessary.

Speaking from experience, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I am, games such as Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 14, Football Manager can easily take over your life – if you let it! I could easily spend the whole day/evening playing such games and I take a look into why this happens, graphics? Can’t just be that! Continue reading

Irish technology start-up creates the world’s first app to solve a global shortage in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors

Mobile Jobs Ltd, a new technology start-up company from Ireland is working with leading international employers and recruitment agencies to help solve the global skill shortages in the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors. This new recruitment tool is targeted at the fastest growing sector of job seekers around the world, ‘the smartphone user’, job seekers can access and apply for jobs from anywhere while they are on the move 24 hours a day.

Having recognised mobile is becoming the fastest growing communication platform worldwide, Mobile Jobs has created a new recruiting platform aimed to facilitate job seekers on the go and help companies identify and attract candidates with the right level of skill. Mobile Jobs is an industry pioneer in offering cutting edge app development services to recruitment agencies and corporate customers.

Michael Wallace CEO of Mobile Jobs Ltd commented ‘’Mobile recruitment is a very exciting space right now and the Mining, Oil and Gas sector most interested us in terms of the growth potential and the direct access to a huge available SmartPhone Audience in this sector’’ The FREE app is now available to download from the Apple App store and the Google Play store. More importantly – Here’s what our users are saying!

02-July-2012 ‘’Simple and effective…. brilliant app, just what most ordinary people want, something quick & easy to use that provides results! Exactly what I’m looking for and will certainly be recommending it to other friends in the relevant industries!’’

08-July-2012 ‘’Simple, easy to use app ….What a great way to search through industry specific jobs throughout the world. It’s about time a user friendly app was developed for jobseekers in the oil and gas industry. I like how you can break it down regionally and by specific job type.’’ To find out more log onto our website

Michael Wallace, Managing Director
T: +353 (0) 76 6150056 / M: +353 83 4055611

Top Apps For Euro 2012

Euro 2012 is fast approaching and with Ireland’s inclusion in the major competition, much of the country is quivering with anticipation. And in the days of Android and iPhone technology, being away from a television doesn’t mean missing out on all the excitement. Today, Irish News Review takes a look at the top apps available for Euro 2012.

1. UEFA Official Euro 2012

Platform – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Cost – Free

Requirements – Android 1.6, iOS 4.2

The basic companion app to UEFA’s Euro 2012 competition, the official UEFA app offers everything the working fan might need – a full calendar of fixtures and results, national team selections, news in the run up to the competition as well as videos and pictures from the games. Basic player statistics from the qualifying stages of the competition are also included, updated along with each stage of the competition, including bookings, age and matches played. The interface itself is bordering on dull yet is easy to use, and even the most technophobic of users will have no trouble in finding out the latest results or searching for pictures from match day.


Despite not being the greatest app ever designed, it offers plenty for a freebie. Results are delivered straight to your hand, and with videos and match side pictures, the app has potential to become a fan favourite.


There are already several similar apps in usage, some better though a few worse. Early users have also reported that the app is a power hog, eating battery overnight while running in the background.

Verdict – 3.5/5 A decent app, offering everything one could expect from UEFA. Although it doesn’t contain much in the way of innovation, the lack of a price helps it just a little. Not much good to you at work, however, if you haven’t enough power left to turn your phone on to check the scores.

2. UEFA Euro 2012 by Carlsberg

Platform – iPhone, Android & Smart TV

Cost – Free

Requirements – Android 2.1, iOS 3.0, a Smart TV

Also free of cost, Carlsberg’s offering for the Euro 2012 market looks somewhat similar to the official competition app, unrelated, undoubtedly to the fact they are the games’ official sponsors and have been involved with the European Championships since 1988. The app is easy and pleasant to use; a mix of the familiar and complementary colours makes for a rather pleasant experience, and the app’s simple yet efficient layout means that getting lost is quite a hard thing to achieve. Unsurprisingly, Carlsberg offer a list of fixtures and results from the qualifiers to the very end of the Championship, including the international friendlies along the way. Some stats on all the players taking part in the event are included, yet, as before, they rarely delve into any great detail. The obligatory news section keeps the fan up to date on all national goings-on, videos too are offered, yet nothing overly bold or revolutionary. Should the user grow bored of results and match events, Carlsberg also offers a competitions tab, as well as a barfinder, for anyone stuck in Poland or Ukraine with a thirst.


Once again, the cost of the app is nil, which alongside brand recognition should draw quite a number of users. The eye-catching yet simple interface supersedes that of the official app.


Carlsberg’s offering isn’t much different that a range of apps already available. Statistics on both players and teams barely go into any great detail.

Verdict – 3/5

Ultimately, like the official UEFA app, shiny and simple to use without much effort, the app has been designed without a great deal of thought into making it the best that it could be, and simply settles for serving fan’s simplest needs.

3. Live Score Addicts

Platform – iPhone, iPod, iPad

Cost – Free

Requirements – iOS 4.2

For the football fan on the go, for whom immediate results are required, LiveScore Addicts is the app for you. The aim is simple – comprehensive results from just about every professional football league imaginable with no frills attached. Off-putting brown colour aside, setting up is easy, with users ready to go in a matter of minutes. For the Euro fan, selecting the European Championships is hassle free, with the app poised to bring in goals and match events as they happen. Though the font size may be a bit on the small side in an effort to squeeze a lot in, users have the option to switch to single match view, with clear indicators of each match event. Notifications can also be set for a variety of instances, including goals or bookings, or even simply when a particular team is playing.


The sheer scale of the app is impressive, comprehensive doesn’t do it justice. Simple and easy to use appears to be a byword for successful apps these days and LiveScores is no different. Though not specifically designed for the European Championships, access to the results is only several clicks away.


The drab brown colour is somewhat off-putting; this is an app people won’t be inclined to spend too much time browsing. In addition, immediacy is the name of the game when it comes to LiveScores; users aren’t offered access to any results or fixtures further than yesterday or tomorrow.

Verdict – 3/5 A solid app in its own right, but unlikely to become an outright hit.

4. Euro 2012 +

Platform – iPhone, iPod

Cost – €0.79

Requirements – iOS 5.0

Developed by The App Team Ltd, Euro 2012 + offers a far more in-depth application for the summer Championship, combining the best features of current apps, and adding a twist of its own. “Right from the very start we understood that for an iPhone app for Euro to be genuinely useful, it can’t be just a gimmick which merely displays a list of fixtures, but should allow users to quickly access all the detailed stats and information about the teams and players they are interested in”, explained Tom Kotecki, Director and Co-Founder. With detailed head to head stats for each fixture, past competition performance and brilliantly detailed information on each player and team, on top of news, fixtures and results, Euro 2012 + is certainly worth its small price tag. Stylistically, the purple/black design works well and navigation is a simple task and when combined with its impressive stats on everything Euro 2012 it makes for an interesting mix.


Obviously the stand out feature is the sheer amount of information on players and teams that users have access to, ensuring no fan will lose any pub argument during the Euros this summer.

Cons – With few drawbacks, this handy little app is one of the best on the market for its price, even head to head against the freebies. While the design and usability is near flawless, users on other platforms are left empty-handed, while only Apple users with iOS 5.0 or over will be able to access the app.

Verdict – 4.5/5 Fun and easy to use, thoroughly informative, it’s easy to see why its flying to the top of the download charts, though disappointing that Android users can’t take advantage of its impressive features.